HR Security

by Oleansoft

A software to be used by HR department to monitor employee activities

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Oleansoft

Release: HR Security 1.12

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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As the name suggests, it is an HR software that lets you take screenshots of the screen and preset intervals set by the user without the need to manually workaround with the keyboard and hotkeys. It is a very lightweight software as it is not installed in the Computer system directly. This software is used by the HR department in order to ensure that the employees do not slack off at work and use the company assets for work-related use. Examples of non-work -related use include using Facebook, playing games, or watching movies.

It has many user-friendly setting that lets you capture the screen at the time of your choice, and you can manually configure all these settings. These include setting up a saved folder to save all the screenshots, allocate a time at which the whole process takes place, even the application can be configured to start-up at the time of the windows start-up and take screenshots from there. You can also select the image quality, pixels, and dimensions to avoid huge redundant data in your software.

This is particularly useful in companies that want to monitor the user activity throughout the day so that the user does not misuse the internet facility to do other than work-related activity. As this software will work in secrecy in the background, all user activity will be screenshotted and uploaded on a predetermined server with user tag and use it for references relating to work misuse. This means it will track users either lying idle on Facebook, playing games, or stuck on the same excel file while they take the pleasure of idling on their mobile phones.

It can also be used in many other utilities for examining kids' control to monitor what activity the children do behind their parents so that timely action can be taken to avoid any future troubles such as watching the questionable websites and so on.

This software, by default, save the files in the JPG format, but there are many other options available depending on the user's needs. However, it should be noted that this is a mere preference tool as many documents can automatically be saved in other formats thanks to other software of the Windows itself. It can be password protected as well to stop the unintended user from ending the functionality while the system runs without the administrator's permission.

Main product benefit is that is runs silently in the background and takes screenshots of employee activity to ensure that the employee is not being idle on their computer and using it for only work related purpose.

  • It automatically runs in the background without detection.
  • Takes screenshots of the screen and snaps webcam pictures and automatically saves them.
  • It also supports home features to be used in homes as well.
  • It can start automatically when Windows starts.
  • It has its viewer so you can navigate through it see images and videos captured by it.
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