by Icaros

A Windows shell extension to modify the thumbnail of video types

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Icaros

Release: Icaros 3.1.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Icaros is a lightweight, high-quality Windows shell extension. If you're happy with the standard file thumbnails and display performance, the Icaros software allows you overwrite the standard thumbnails in Windows, allowing you to customize what the files look like. This primarily works on video files supported by FFmpeg, such as .mkv, .flv, .mp4, .rmvb, .m2ts and .ogm files. In honesty, nearly every video file type every created is supported by FFmpeg, so Icaros works with almost every video file of all time. The Icaros software also contains customization effects that allow you to produce cover art thumbnails for any file.

The Icaros software makes it super easy to use and does not require additional memory/space or CPU utilization. If you're using Windows Explorer as well, by implementing properties and features within, it can make the Icaros utilization even easier and more productive.

For the Icaros interface, the display is comprehensive and straightforward. You're able to activate and deactivate the thumbnails with just the click of the button. This provides you a peek into what the content of the video is - without going through the arduous task of opening every file.

The coolest benefit of this is that you can select where in the video that the thumbnail is generated from. You simply toggle the embedded cover art for thumbnails.

It's an easy way to implement view the file content and has many themes


  • Custom video file thumbnails
  • Easy implementation
  • Vast file support
  • Constantly updating themes

Icaros software can be a useful tool for people with vast video collections - allowing them to simply see what their files are containing instead of spending time opening them or naming them a certain way. On top of that, it won't pose any significant changes for your operating system. It's simple to install and operate for all users - everyone from experts to novices.

Beth Johnson
Icaros product does just as they and you really can easily do an overwrite on thumbnails. It is awesome to be able to add my own style and flair to my thumbnail for my videos instead of having to move forward with a default. The feedback from my viewers have been great, and more people are now watching my videos since adopting this professional look. This is a piece of software you definitely want to grab if you're in to making your own videos.
Icaros is the kind of software with allowing for customization by the user. This is very useful for video files. I was really impressed that Icaros does not require my computer's memory. It is at the user's level to create unique thumbnail for a file.
Blair Whittle
This is a free FFmpeg-powered tool. It extends Windows Explorer’s thumbnail support to any video format. It provides extended Windows Explorer properties for Mkv, Flv etc. IN updated version,it has addition of its own cache, speeding up thumbnail display and ensuring doesn't affected if Explorer deletes its own cache.
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