PyTivo Desktop

by PyTivo

Transfer files to a compatible TiVo device

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: PyTivo

Release: PyTivo Desktop 1.6.16

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.9918

TiVo Desktop is a program that officially transfers compatible files from a device to a TiVo DVR. 


  • Transfer videos from a device such as a desktop to a TiVo device.
  • Convert video or music files for playback on a TiVo device, or another compatible device such as an Apple iPod or another MPEG capable device.
  • Automatic transfers from your desktop to a networked connected TiVo device.
  • Transfer photos to view on a TV connected to a TiVo device.

PyTivo Desktop offers the majority of the functionality of TiVo Desktop, which is no longer available to download and use. Users that still have TiVo Desktop will still benefit from PyTivo Desktop, given that it is much more recently updated and maintained, and has functionality that TiVo Desktop lacks and will not be implemented through newer versions. Users with a compatible TiVo device will benefit from PyTivo Desktop the most, through the ability to transfer video files to their device to be watched on a TV screen. The program also gives users the ability to transfer audio and photos to a TiVo device for viewing and can be set up to automatically do so without the user input. The program also benefits users through the ability to convert files to formats such as MPEG, which can be played on devices such as the Apple iPod or iPhone. PyTivo Desktop is available for free and can be installed on Windows devices XP and newer. The program is light and easy to utilize, and will greatly benefit TiVO users who wished to utilize TiVO Desktop.

PyTivo Desktop can transfer many more types of audio and video formats from a desktop to a TiVo Device than TiVo Desktop.

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