ICE Book Reader Professional

by ICE Graphics

A fully-featured and versatile eBook reader utility

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ICE Graphics

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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ICE Book Reader Professional is a very popular and feature-rich e-book reader. It supports almost all formats in which ebooks are currently available: TXT, RTF, HTML, DOC, PDB, PRC, LIT, FB2 and many others. All the encodings supported by your operating system are supported. Moreover, the program can display files directly from ZIP, RAR, ARJ, LZH and HA archives without the need to install archivers. In addition, the program can be used as a teleprompter. If desired, it can be used to convert books from one format to another. It is the first program that does not use Microsoft Reader / HELP modules to display the .LIT and .CHM formats.

A very useful and significant function of the program is to maintain its own book database, i.e. a library. All documents are automatically placed in this library when they are opened. It is possible to easily search by author, title, genre, and other fields. If this data is not available, the program uses Internet access to find the missing information.

However, omnivocity and the library are not all. The program takes care of your eyesight and offers many functions for more comfortable reading. There are both text smoothing and several scrolling options for books. Particularly interesting is the automatic scrolling, which adjusts to the speed of your reading and density of the text. Also, ICE Book Reader Professional has support for bookmarks and the function of automatic memory of the last position on which the book was closed. For a better display, the text can be reformatted automatically. And a couple of other undoubted advantages of the program: it is free of charge for the citizens of the former USSR and the possibility of using it for reading books by voice.

- Own library of books with the ability to organize and search;

- The library is resistant to software failures, with minimal risk of losing information;

- compressing books to reduce the size of the database;

- Encryption support for books, high level of security;

- automatic color illumination of different parts of the book (headings, etc.);

- several advanced intellectual scrolling modes;

- function to lock screensavers and mask the mouse cursor;

- support for setting profiles;

- support for several speech engines;

- can be used as a teleprompter.

This is going to be popular among many ebook enthusiasts. Many features include library, database, rolling scroll, etc. will certainly attract users. It's "free" feature is another attraction. However, I don't understand why it is only free to former USSR citizens and not to everyone.
This is a great application! There are so many books to choose from. Great features like search and organization, and it compresses the file size so it fits on my phone. Aesthetically pleasing, and very easy to use. It adjusts scrolling speed, too, so I don't have to scroll as much!
This is one of the best E-Book readers out there. I can't tell you how many features it comes with because there are just so many! If you like reading all of the time like I do, this software would be perfect for you. The software is also compatible with quite a few formats so there is no need to worry about formatting issues, which is usually a major drawback of E-Book readers.
This ebook reader is everything you need for everything you read. It supports virtually every ebook format, can convert between different formats and also supports any encodings which are supported by your system. It supports its own internal book database, which it updates by searching the Internet for information.
In addition to reading files, it may also be used as a teleprompter. Comprehensive Unicode support, full encoding and Unicode support (including automated text formatting), full-screen anti-aliasing, and internal archiver are just a few of the features that make this application stand out. As a file converter, it can handle a wide range of code pages. Text files up to 16-128 GB may now be examined quickly and smoothly thanks to the new program core. It is possible to hear text read aloud using ICE Book Reader. Comprehensive support for SAPI4/SAPI5 speech engines. Converting books to MP3/WAV is possible using the ICE Book Reader. Allows for the partitioning of files automatically. Making MP3 books, you don't need to store WAV files before encoding to MP3. ICE Book Reader has a multi-threaded core that speeds up the generation of MP3 books. The development of an MP3 book takes less time since many speech synthesis modules (SAPIs) may "speak" at the same time. For Windows users, this is a must-have application.
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