ViMetrix is a cloud-based analytics platform that helps organizations make informed decisions by easily collecting and analyzing data.

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Metrix – the Comprehensive Software Solution

Metrix is a comprehensive software solution that offers businesses a range of features to streamline their operations. It offers features such as customer relationship management (CRM) tools, inventory management, order tracking, analytics, and more. With Metrix, businesses have the tools they need to better understand their customers, manage their inventory, and track orders.

CRM Tools

Metrix’s CRM tools allow businesses to better understand their customers. They can track customer interactions, create customer profiles, and segment customers into different groups. This allows businesses to tailor their services to better meet customer needs. Additionally, Metrix’s CRM tools offer insights into customer behavior, giving businesses the ability to make informed decisions when it comes to marketing and product development.

Inventory Management

Metrix’s inventory management features make it easy to keep track of stock levels, order quantities, and product availability. With the ability to generate automated reports, businesses can quickly identify any issues with inventory and take the necessary steps to address them.

Order Tracking

Metrix’s order tracking features make it easy to keep track of orders. Businesses can track orders as they move through the supply chain, from the time an order is placed until it is delivered to the customer. This allows businesses to accurately estimate delivery times and ensure customer satisfaction.


Metrix’s analytics features allow businesses to gain insights into their operations and customer behavior. With its analytics tools, businesses can track customer orders, analyze customer behavior, and gain insights into trends in their industry.


Metrix’s integrations allow businesses to connect with third-party services, such as accounting, shipping, and payment processing. This allows businesses to streamline their operations and ensure that all of their processes are connected.

Customer Support

Metrix offers comprehensive customer support, with 24/7 access to customer service representatives. This ensures that businesses can easily get help when they need it.

Metrix is a comprehensive software solution that provides businesses with the tools they need to better understand their customers, manage their inventory, and track orders. With its range of features, businesses can streamline their operations and gain insights into customer behavior.
AmetiMetrix requires the following technical requirements:

• Operating System: Windows 10 or Mac OS X 10.13 or higher
• Processor: Intel Core i3 or higher
• Memory: 4GB RAM or higher
• Hard Drive: 250GB or higher
• Graphics: Minimum 1024 x 768 resolution
• Network: Broadband internet connection
• Web Browser: Latest version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari
• Other: MS Office, Adobe Reader, and Adobe Flash Player
• Additional Software: MS SQL Server (if using the AmetiMetrix Database)
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Kayden Mether

I have had the pleasure of using iMetrix software for a few years now. It is one of the most comprehensive and intuitive solutions I have ever come across. The software is incredibly user friendly and easy to navigate. It enables me to quickly access and analyze data to make informed decisions. It also provides great insights and analysis tools that help me to stay on top of changes in the market. The reporting capabilities are also extremely impressive. I can easily create customized reports to track progress and performance. All in all, I'm very happy with the software and its capabilities.
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Rory S******m

I used iMetrix software for our organization's project management. I found the software to be easy to use and navigate. It allowed us to easily assign tasks and track progress. The reporting features were also useful for understanding project health. I also liked the visibility it provided for everyone involved.
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Riley W*****e

iMetrix software is a powerful tool used for analyzing and interpreting business data. It helps users to identify patterns and trends in their data, automate reporting, and create visualizations to communicate insights effectively. The software offers features such as data integration, predictive modeling, and customizable dashboards. It allows users to collaborate and share insights with team members securely. With iMetrix, users can make data-driven decisions and drive business growth.
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Aidan Elvidge

The software provides a comprehensive analysis of data that can aid in making informed decisions.
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