Intel HAXM

by INTeL

A hardware assisted virtualization engine that utilizes Intel Virtualization technology

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: INTeL

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Intel HAXM (full name Intel® Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager) — a supervisor program that uses hardware virtualization to accelerate the emulation of 32-bit Android images.

As a rule, emulation of various operating systems, and, moreover, devices & mdash; a thing rather resource-intensive. In particular, this is the case with Android emulation on personal computers running Windows. The system will slow down, and even a small android application can take quite a long time to start.

You can use HAXM to slightly increase the speed of the system on some configurations. It is not an emulator in the full sense of the word, it is a kind of add-on for other emulators, expanding the possibilities of virtualization and making it possible to accelerate the work of existing 32-bit Android emulators.

The program will be useful for developers and anyone who wants to use a mobile operating system on a computer. With Intel HAXM, you can run multiple emulators with different versions of Android on the same computer. It does not consume much resources and automatically distributes them between running containers.

The program will only work on computers that support VT-x. The archive has a utility haxm_check.exe which you can use to find out if your system is suitable for installing the program.

- a hypervisor for Android;

- use of hardware virtualization;

- allows to run several emulators in one system;

- low pressure on resources;

- not bad performance;

- support for the latest versions of Android platforms and new APIs.

Its very useful that the program will be useful for developers and who are using operating system on a computer. HAXM full form is hardware accelerated execution manager
the software is really efficient in the use of manipulating and displaying retro images and I find it fascinating how efficiently it works and how easy it is to use the software. I have had a fun time playing around with the software and seeing what this thing can do when I fire anything at it.
I really liked the Hardware Execution Acceleration Manager from Intel because I was able to do all the activities I normally do on my android device. For example, I was able to run almost all applications like Instagram, Facebook, many games, virtual wallets and WhatsApp. I loved the speed with which this emulation can run. It was also very easy to install and run on my computer, for these reasons I highly recommend it.
Intel HAXM for windows primarily is an accelerator but is also used as a virtual hardware-assisted virtual engine. If you are a computer geek like myself, you should know that this is a good product. This software can help speed up the development process if you are a developer trying to make an app for android or iOS. Personally, I don't make apps but for anyone out there that does, this may be the app for you to try out. If you don't, I don't think you should download it.
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