Stress test for your Intel CPU

Operating system: Windows

Release: IntelBurnTest 2.54

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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IntelBurnTest allows one to monitor the impact of Linpack, a very powerful mathematical program that creates incredible stress on even the most powerful CPUs as it computes algebraic calculations. Carelessly running this program can create premature wear on and even permanently damage the CPU. This program is a much preferable alternative to Prime95, a similar program, as it is much more accurate and takes way less time to determine if the CPU is unstable.


  • Simplifies the usage of Linpack
  • Real-time output of statistics and how much stress is being created by Linpack
  • Real-time error checking
  • Very intuitive interface
  • Works with both Intel and AMD CPUs
  • Works on a wide variety of Windows Operating Systems

Based on the purpose of the program is to prevent Linpack from destroying one's computer, this software is highly recommended. 

Product Protection


This is not a program for those who are beginners in overclocking and creating additional stress on their computer hardware. This program can be difficult to use and is best handled by someone very experienced with computer hardware and, more specifically, overclocking a CPU on a broad level. If you are not confident in your ability, please do not use this program or Linpack itself as you are highly likely to damage your hardware as a result of using either program. The computer also must be properly cooled and ventilated in order to prevent internal components from being damaged while using this program as additional stress naturally causes computer parts to create tremendous amounts of additional heat, along with a capable power supply.


In order to use this program, a user must have an x86 or x64 CPU, at least 512mb of system RAM, any operating system above Windows XP, Microsoft C++ 2008 Runtime (x86), and Microsoft .NET Framework v2.0. All necessary programs can be downloaded from the Microsoft Website.

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