Javascript Obfuscator


A powerful application to protect your Javascript source code

Operating system: Windows


Release : Javascript Obfuscator stable

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Imagine you’re developing a web-based game, and someone steals your source code, especially if you’re working entirely on the client side. To handle such a frustrating situation, a powerful tool, Javascript Obfuscator comes as a code-saver. It is a highly efficient application that transforms your easy-to-read code into complicated, hard-to-understand text. This way, hackers cannot access your work details, and you can protect your source code from theft or misuse.

Being a widely used programming language, client-side Javascript is easy to access, meaning anyone can modify or view the code. Using Javascript Obfuscation, you can transform your plain code into extremely hard form that makes it difficult to read for anyone. The purpose of this tool is to hide the parts of the code that are targeted by attackers or hackers. For instance, it removes the variables, objects, and things and conceals the information within the code.


  • A highly valuable tool to transform Javascript code and make it hard to read for hackers and potential attackers.
  • It transforms the code into an unreadable form by concealing things such as spaces or elements inside the source code.
  • You can protect critical information by modifying the text and making it impossible for others to interpret it.
  • It saves your work details by protecting your code from unauthorized access.
  • The advanced functionalities include renaming or customizing the source files.
  • You can use this open-source application in all kinds of operating systems including Windows and MacOS.

The advanced features of Javascript Obfuscation include the minification and compression process. With these functionalities, the size and bandwidth consumption of your Javascript files is reduced, making them more efficient and faster to operate. The improved graphical user interface allows better display of projects with just a few clicks.

The best thing is Javascript Obfuscator is easy to use. All you have to do is paste the code into its user-friendly interface, and the rest will be handled by this super-quick software. Install it on your windows to protect your code from reverse engineering operations.

Javascript Obfuscator has plenty of options to secure your code from tampering so you can never lose important work files.
Operates on Windows, Mac, Linux OS
Requires 512MB of RAM minimum
Needs 50MB of free disk space
Has to support all modern web browsers

Enhances security by discouraging unauthorized copying or reverse engineering.
Offers code compression, improving web page loading times.
Generates source maps, assisting in debugging obfuscated code.

Obfuscation can make debugging and code understanding harder.
May cause application performance issues.
Unobfuscated code is still recoverable by determined attackers.
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