Ptable logo
The Periodic Table application contains point by point synthetic and actual data of every substance component. Brighten up your science on Windows
Peco logo
It allows interactively filter our data, it was mainly used in operation and comfort control.
WebSite X5 Evolution logo
Professional WebSite Development with in some clicks away
NTLite Free 32-bit logo
A high performance Windows configuration tool for 32 and 64 bit systems
Wolfhud logo
Wolfhud is a collection of Heads Up Display altering modifications for PayDay 2.
FlexSite logo
Flexsite is a muti-platform HTML editor that allows highly efficient editing.
Insomnia code logo
Prevents your computer from going to sleep mode.
Codecombat logo
An opensource computer education game that teaches programming and computer science principles
WebTide HTML Editor logo
A web developer HTML editing software program
CSE HTML Validator Lite logo
A html developer software program
Sharelatex logo
Sharelatex is a online Latex edition software.
MoreMotion Web Express logo
A WYSIWYG HTML editor that enable uses to develop web sites and their pages without knowing HTML
HMView logo
for creators of HTML reports who wish to convey their pages on a diskette or some other disconnected medium
PMD logo
An cross-platform tool that analyses source codes
First Name 2017 logo
A way to descirbe software used on new windows platforms
License Manager logo
Provides a license for windows processor
Joomla! logo
Joomla is a software helping people create websites and mobile applications for free and open-source
Vectric Aspire logo
Intuitive software for creating parts on a CNC for windows
Buildbox logo
A development tool that can be run on both Windows Operating System and OSX
Dr. Explain logo
Captures application screens or web pages and documents them automatically!
Microsoft Photo Story logo
Photo story creation application for windows
Stencyl logo
Virtual stencyl for Windows processor oline
Character Creator logo
Software to easily create, import and customize stylized or realistic looking character assets
Marmoset Toolbag logo
Supporting 32 and 64 windows works
Qucs logo
A command-line terminal circuit simulator that you can use both in the application or as a totally independent program
Posteriza logo
A Program allow you to create posters and large bills, even if your printer doesn't accept those printing settings
DVDStyler logo
A DVD authoring application for the creation of professional-looking DVDs
Justinmind Prototyper Pro logo
Allows for big projects to be worked on using wireframes and interactive pages
Eclipse IDE logo
Easy way for learners beginning into coding and also professional developers
DrJava logo
Allows newer java users to make use of it
Altium Designer logo
A printed circuit board (PCB) development and design software
TortoiseGit logo
A free, open sourceGIT with Windows shell interface
HxD Hex Editor logo
Freeware Hex Editor and Disk Editor
KDiff3 logo
Mark differences or merge files and directories.
Code Writer logo
An advanced text and code editor for Windows
Komodo Edit logo
A simplest code editor for both basic and more advanced users
Geany logo
A lightweight cross-platform text editor for programmers
XVI32 logo
A high-quality Hex editing software that allows you to view and modify any file in hexadecimal format.
Crimson Editor logo
A feature-packed text editor that supports multiple programming languages
Wing IDE logo
A simple way to program in a fully functioning Python environment
Brackets logo
An open-source text editor that's perfect for writing code
Avocode logo
Create applications for Andriod, IOS, or websites