by JockerSoft

A software program for organizing music and video files on Windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: JockerSoft

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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JeniuS for Windows

JeniuS is published by JockerSoft according to the installation of the software path and the Help about the menu. You can choose to install the default JMediaplayer skins and an optional Google Desktop plugin during the installation of JeniuS. It also has a filter used from CollapsibleSplitter by Furty as part of the program. The setup is easy and starts JeniuS with a tip of the day, for example, a way to import a file in one of several ways.

JeniuS will scan for all media files on your computer. It makes sorting files and renaming multiple files easy. Album images can be found on the internet and included in your albums. JeniuS also has some extra ability to sort and recommend your music based on similar ratings or music that has not been listened to in a while. JeniuS will also display the bitrate of various music files so it's easy to see which files are high quality. It has a feature which shows it's been around for a while, as it also has settings for CDs.

This JeniuS software also has it's own player that pops up and has it's own interface, with all the play information and navigation buttons included. It's be great for a DJ with their own library of music digital files. For advanced users there are the Database and the Webserver Tools.

The interface has a good design and sleek look. The tree menus is unobtrusive so that there is plenty of screen to view and organize files. The online help guide can be found here,

Provides a way to make playlist and automatically loads associated image files

  • Assign images to every album you create
  • Make music albums
  • Make video albums
  • Wild card Search, using ? or *
  • JeniuS webserver allows instant sharing of your own creations
  • PlayLists work with Jmedia player, Windows Media player and you can suggest for enhancements


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JeniuS for windows is a software used to focus and organize all multimedia files on computer. This file organizer is suitable for all file formats with optimizations. JeniuS is powerful user interface. It can store and organize items in a folder tree. This is clean and easy to use.
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JeniuS is a software suite designed to help users manage their wine collections. This software suite includes features such as wine database management, label printing, cellar management, cellar tracking, and more. JeniuS helps users create an organized, searchable wine collection database. It also provides label printing capabilities, cellar tracking, and cellar management to help keep their wine collections in top condition. Additionally, JeniuS offers educational resources to help users learn more about wine.
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A Windows file manager optimized to your needs
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The file Manager for Windows