Google Desktop Search

by Google

A Google-supported program to allow users to easily search their desktops

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Google

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Google Desktop automatically indexes the following types of items on your computer and allows you to perform full-text searches on them:

Outlook e-mail;

Netscape Mail


Outlook Express





MSN Instant Messenger


AOL Instant Messenger

Internet Explorer






Audio (mp3 and so on)

text files

Google Talk and more when using special plugins.

Google Desktop copies (snapshots) of files and other items each time you view them and saves them in a cache on your computer's hard drive. So instead of recreating items deleted by mistake, you can just find them with Google Desktop.

Google Desktop allows you to instantly get the most up-to-date and interesting information with Google Gadgets.

- a quick search window;

- "smart" indexing;

- search for deleted files;

- support for different types of files;

- a quick search window;

- advanced search form;

- Google gadgets;

- side panel;

- a regular and free search panel;

- interface for adding gadgets;

- better protection;

- the search lockout;

- integration with Outlook.

the idea of google desktop search sounds amazing. i will like to say that it is not as deeply integrated into the system as the native search and desktop companion created by microsoft, cortana. while the google desktop search offer recovery of mistakenly deleted files, it will be more awesome if i can easily search for an app i want to launch as well. thanks.
Google desktop search for windows is a great idea which can be used to do a system wide search for a particular keyword. This idea has been implemented in Mac OS already and has proven as a essential tool used on a daily basis. Another extra feature that isn't in macs, are that deleted files or snapshots are stored in cache so if you ever accidentally delete a file, it will be stored on your google desktop. All in all, Google desktop for windows is a good program that should be introduced to computer consumer's daily use.
Google desktop search is just the one. I can't actually believe i got through this long with out. The search function is so simple and always accurate. It even lets you search through deleted files. I can't get over how well the text search works on audio files
Google Desktop Search for Windows allows you to bring the search capabilities of Google right to your desktop without a browser. The convenience allows quick searches from your fingertips. A great alternative replacement for search without having Chrome hog down your resources.
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