by Stephen Dolan

A flexible JSON processor to parse and manipulate data from your command line.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Stephen Dolan

Release : jq 1.7

Antivirus check: passed

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JSON is perfect for storing temporary information, but processing this information into structured data requires a flexible tool. For this, jq comes as a lightweight command-line JSON processor. It is designed to slice and filter structured data with ease so you can quickly manage long data streams. Besides, it uses the general-purpose programming language C that provides support for closures.

Originally, jq ran on Haskell, which is a statically typed language, but then the application shifted to the advanced language model C. In it, you can use the functional expressions as parameters of other functions to achieve your project goals. Using this lightweight tool, you can mangle the data format in just a few minutes on a simpler and effective program.


Jq simplifies working with JSON data by managing long data streams and supporting algorithms like backtracking so you can achieve project goals faster.
  • A lightweight command-line JSON processor to map and transform structured data.
  • It is written in the programming language C and has zero runtime dependencies. This ensures that the software functions properly on all platforms.
  • You can use it to filter long streams of JSON data, as it supports regular expressions along with functional expressions.
  • The advanced features of jq include modules, SQL-style operators, and a streaming parser for large JSON files or documents.
  • It is used with command-line utilities such as curl to run and manage services.
  • You can use it on all operating systems, including Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, and MacOS.

Above all, jq contains a bundle of advanced features and supports different implementations, syntax, and semantics. Overall, it acts as a stream editor that takes JSON inputs and produces an output. The best thing is it treats sources as lines of text and then parses the JSON input to produce a stream of data.

Every JSON value is a value in jq that is then processed and manipulated via the command line. The installation is simple and does not require additional system requirements. You can easily download the jq software to your computer and start JSON processing now.

Compatible with Windows, Linux, and OSX
Requires no external dependencies
Adequate storage for downloading a single folder
Ability to read and compile JSON data

Highly flexible in handling JSON data.
Operates independently without external dependencies.
Ensures data security without Internet processing.

Steep learning curve for beginners.
Does not support XML data format.
Lacks a graphical user interface.
A static analysis tool for code analysis, navigation, and organization
An issue tracker that’s suitable for small projects