A .NET building tool, supporting large amount of mentioned frameworks and many frontend instruments to help you create
Apache JMeter
A 100% Java-based application to analyze the performance of various web applications
A distributed source control management tool for software developers to handle projects
An open-source software to help application developers and Kubernetes users.
A flexible JSON processor to parse and manipulate data from your command line.
A static analysis tool for code analysis, navigation, and organization
A great tool for using IDE on C and C++, coming with some editing options
An issue tracker that’s suitable for small projects
Rapid application development (RAD) software, also suitable as a webcode generator for web apps
A free-to-use security scanner used worldwide to find vulnerabilities in web applications
Artifactory is a universal repository manager software with useful features for storing and managing artifacts, binaries, files, containers, packages, etc.
Eclipse IDE for Java Developers
A highly popular open-source platform for professional Java developers
8085 Simulator
A simple, yet informative simulator, capable of training new users 8085 and Assembly
Octopus Deploy
The only deployment tool you need to manage multiple applications in a single place
Сombines the capabilities of Python and Java, allowing you to run Python scripts and modules on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
Embarcadero Dev C++
A free, fast and portable IDE for C/C++ programming on Windows with GCC support
An automation tool that rapidly generates PHP scripts from various databases for web development
Icarus Verilog
Icarus Verilog is a Verilog compiler and simulator for synthesis and verification of digital logic designs.
Cmder is a convenient and versatile terminal emulator for Windows.
Carrot2 is an open source search results clustering engine designed to help users explore and navigate large search result sets.
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