Apache JMeter

by Apache Software Foundation

A 100% Java-based application to analyze the performance of various web applications

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Apache Software Foundation

Release : Apache JMeter 5.6.3

Antivirus check: passed

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Do you want to assess the scalability, responsiveness and resource utilization of your application? If yes, you need a performance testing tool to measure the non-functional aspects of your developed app. Apache JMeter has been introduced to the market for this reason. It is a highly robust load-testing tool that can analyze the performance of multiple services, specifically web applications. Using this unit-test tool, you can learn how capable a web server handles simultaneous users.

It comes with an interactive and user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) to help test static and dynamic web applications. One exceptional feature of Apache JMeter is its ability to support various test approaches. For instance, you can perform Load Testing, Distributed Testing, and Functional Testing all in one place using this testing software. It is developed using Java and can load the performance test in different server types. The common server types include HTTP, HTTPS, SOAP, JDBC, LDAP, JMS, and POP3.


  • A load testing tool used to analyze the performance of different web applications.
  • It analyzes the overall performance of a server under different load types.
  • It supports parameterization, response validation, configuration variables and a number of reports.
  • You can also test other protocols such as TCP, mail, LDAP, MongoDB and SOAP.
  • This unit-test tool relies on a multithreading framework and has a comprehensive and intuitive graphical user interface.
  • The test plans can be saved in local storage, and results can be viewed in different formats like graphs, tables, trees, and reports.

The most noteworthy feature of Apache JMeter is its integration with Selenium, which allows you to run automation scripts. Thus, you can easily execute scripts against your servers and see potential errors or functionalities. However, you should know that Apache JMeter is not a browser. The software does not render the content of HTML pages; its sole function is to evaluate the response of various servers and web applications. Install it now on Windows, Mac or Linux systems and start analyzing your applications today.

Apache JMeter measures the load functional behavior of various services and performs multiple testing activities like Load, Stress, or Functional testing.
Java Runtime Environment installed
At least 1 GB RAM
Cross-platform OS (Linux, Windows, MacOS)
Minimum 1 GHz CPU speed

Effective for load and performance testing scenarios.
Supports a wide range of protocols.
Provides real-time results visualization.

Interface can be confusing for beginners.
Lacks detailed tutorials for advanced functionality.
Heavy load tests can consume significant CPU.
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