Just Delete Me

by Mike Rogers

A directory of links that show you how to delete your accounts

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Mike Rogers

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Just delete.me is a website and application with a collection of links and advice that will help anyone learn to delete their online accounts. If you have struggled in the past with account deletion or can't find the information that you need just delete me is the prime application that you will want to make the most of according to you situation. Any account you need deleted and just delete me for windows will insure and teach you how to manage everything that you need to make sure you're able to accomplish your goals. With an open source extension you can also rest assured that just delete me for windows is also completely safe for the user and reliable wealth of information. The hard-working people at just-delete me ensure to update and keep hundreds of links and guides for you to reference and make sure you that there is no guide unaccounted for. Color-coded for ease of use each guide is rated by how difficult it is to delete the account and the application will even tell you if its impossible to use or not. Graciously the website also offers a free guide to learn how to protect you private information and learn how to protect yourself for maximum security while browsing the internet. 

You are allowed to see notes and such for the extension through a fork on github and learn exactly what goes into making this amazing extension. The team has also given out a url for anyone willing to reach out and ask any questions they may have. Just delete me for windows is what people have been looking for when it comes to account deletion and I'd reccomend this truly amazing service to anyone and everyone. 


With this tool you can rest assured that your accounts and information will definitely be deleted and erased from any listed service
  • Highly rated extension for ease of use
  • Extension also comes color coded and searches for an account deletion guide of whatever website you are on
  • Free e-guide to help the average novice learn the ins and outs of internet security
  • Guides for hundreds of sites for your account deletion needs. A way out of almost every account
  • Links to git-hub version for early access and twitter account for questions and concerns

The extension is available only for chrome and you must have chrome in order to use it. 

Just delete me for windows is a useful and quite interesting chrome extension tool that helps the user to delete all of their account from web services. It reduces much of the time and effort of the user from searching how to remove the personal data from websites. This tool has very simple user interface. There is nothing to do, just run the extension and the tool will do everything. There is no need for downloading too. This tool is completely free.
Luke Ercolini
Just Delete Me is a free browser extension that helps you quickly and easily delete your online accounts. It provides direct links to the delete/deactivation pages of over 450 popular websites, allowing you to quickly find and delete your account. It also provides tips and advice on how to delete your accounts securely.
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