by Ebta Setiawan

A tool often used as an English-Indonesian dictionary/translator with a built-in search engine

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Ebta Setiawan

Release : Kamus 2

Antivirus check: passed

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There were many other instances of translators and dictionaries popping up on the site, though not all were Indonesian, of course (still there was 1 Indonesian language hotkey application). Dictionaries in the current time may come as unneeded or narrow-oriented but in many cases, even older software could prove itself just as useful and handy when used by a professional who also understands how to utilize its functions properly. Ultimately Kamus is one of those cases.

Kamus comes in the form of a one-window program that serves you a large library of translated Indonesian to English, and vice versa, words. The application really doesn't take much space on your device meaning it can be brought to almost any system without any drawbacks regarding its hardware capabilities. The vocabulary size itself it also huge, having over 40.000 words when it is translated from ENG to IND, 35.000+ if it done in reverse, and over 60.000+ prepared phrases that come pre-translated. Kamus is very fast and easy to use when it comes to the overall functionality of said software, knowing what and when you copied and translated it on the go, without the need for separate pasting, as well as auto-removing nonletters.  


  • Built-in search engine to help you navigate certain instances
  • A great size of the overall dictionary and additional phrases
  • Many customization variations, over 20 to be exact
  • History tab to keep track of processed information
  • Smart find feature to optimize the location process
  • Highlighted translation results
  • Automated not-letters deletion symbols
  • A compact mode with only the basic tools, handy for where you are reading some text and need to concentrate
  • A few possible variations of said translation to choose to closest one when converting certain words

That's quite a lot, right? The funny part is that there are even more small features that all come to form a one-of-its-own translating solution! Simply put it is a great utility program capable of putting down even some of the more modern instances, while also having its own vibe to it.

Kamus could be brought down to being simple, fast, and easy-to-use dictionary than combines several features that may also be needed when translating between Indonesian and English
Requires a computer with internet connection
Minimum 1GB of RAM for efficient performance
Compatible with Windows, Linux and MacOS operating systems
Requires 100MB of free disk space

Offers high precision in translations.
User-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface.
Efficiently handles large volumes of text.

Limited support for less common languages.
Translations may lose some nuanced meanings.
The interface looks outdated and unattractive.
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