OneTouch PC Study Bible Light logo
OneTouch PC Study Bible Light is a Bible study and reference software program designed to help users explore and understand the Bible.
Your Planetary Transits logo
Planetary Transits is a software program that allows users to explore and analyze the astrological influences of celestial bodies on their lives.
Free LSAT Practice Test logo
The LSAT Practice Test software provides a simulated test experience, with full-length practice tests and detailed score analysis.
Domoticz logo
Domoticz is a home automation system that allows users to control their home devices and monitor their environment remotely.
JFLAP logo
JFLAP is a graphical tool for the creation, editing, and simulation of various types of automata and formal languages.
Free Quiz Maker logo
Free Quiz Maker is a software that enables users to quickly and easily create interactive and engaging quizzes.
Team Scoreboard logo
Scoreboard software to keep track of team scores during games.
Baseball Scoreboard Pro logo
Baseball Scoreboard Pro is a comprehensive software application designed to help you easily track and score baseball games.
Hockey Scoreboard Standard logo
Hockey Scoreboard Standard is a software application that provides a simple and easy way to track and record hockey scores.
Shot Clock Standard logo
Clock Standard is a customizable time-management application designed to help users keep track of deadlines and tasks.
Tennis Scoreboard Pro logo
Tennis Scoreboard Pro is a comprehensive tennis scoring application designed to help coaches, players, and parents track and analyze tennis scores.
Satellite Orbit Simulator logo
Satellite Orbit Simulator is a software package that simulates orbital mechanics and visualizes satellite orbits in 3D.
Directory Lister logo
Directory Lister is a simple yet powerful file and folder listing utility that allows users to quickly create and print listings of files and directories.
Gravity Force Lab logo
Gravity Force Lab is an interactive software program that allows students to explore and simulate gravitational forces in a virtual environment.
Resistor Plus logo
Resistor Plus is a software tool that allows users to calculate resistor values and color codes easily.
Crossword Compiler logo
Crossword Compiler is a software program for creating custom crosswords and puzzles for print and online use.
Wrestling Scoreboard Standard logo
Wrestling Scoreboard Standard is a software program designed to help manage and organize wrestling matches with integrated scorekeeping, tracking, and reporting.
Wall Street Raider logo
Wall Street Raider is a simulated stock market and business strategy game where players manage their own portfolios, play the stock market, and build and manage their own corporations.
Wanem English to Nepali Dictionary logo
Wanem English to Nepali Dictionary software is an easy-to-use tool to quickly translate words, phrases and sentences from English to Nepali.
English Typing Master logo
Typing Master is a comprehensive typing tutor that helps you learn to type quickly and accurately.
Free ASVAB Practice Test logo
Free ASVAB Practice Test is a software program designed to help prospective military personnel practice for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test.
OBD Auto Doctor logo
OBD Auto Doctor is an easy-to-use car diagnostic software that enables users to diagnose, analyze, and fix their vehicles' issues.
Decision Making Wheel logo
Decision Making Wheel is a software that helps users make decisions by visually presenting their options in a wheel format.
Hindi Typing Master logo
Hindi Typing Master is a software designed to help users learn to type quickly and accurately in Hindi.
Free Typing Test logo
Free Typing Test is a free program that allows users to test their typing speed and accuracy on their computer.
My Film Kiosk logo
My Film Kiosk is a digital video rental platform designed to make it easy and convenient to rent and watch films.
Arabic Typing Tutor Pro logo
Arabic Typing Tutor Pro is a powerful and easy-to-use software program designed to help users learn to type in Arabic quickly and accurately.
Typesy logo
Typesy is an easy-to-use typing tutor and keyboarding skills improvement program for all ages.
Free GMAT Practice Test logo
Free GMAT Practice Test is a free software that provides practice tests and tutorials to help you prepare for the GMAT exam.
Veyon logo
Veyon is an open source computer monitoring and classroom management software for educational institutions.
Keyboarding Skills Test logo
Keyboarding Skills Test software helps to measure a user's typing speed and accuracy.
Kalkules Matrix Calculator logo
Kalkules is a free, feature-rich scientific calculator designed to be easy to use while providing powerful features.
Free CDL Practice Test logo
CDL Practice Test is a free software designed to help you prepare for the Commercial Driver's License (CDL) exam.
MissionPlanner logo
MissionPlanner is a powerful and user-friendly ground control station software for ArduPilot-based UAVs.
Swahili - English Dictionary logo
Swahili-English Dictionary software is a digital program that provides a comprehensive dictionary of Swahili to English translations.
Plagiarism Checker X logo
Plagiarism Checker X is a powerful and easy-to-use plagiarism detection software that helps users quickly pinpoint plagiarism in their content.
English & Armenian Dictionary logo
"English & Armenian Dictionary" is an easy-to-use and comprehensive software program that provides users with a comprehensive, up-to-date, and accurate English-Armenian and Armenian-English dictionary.
Softball Scoreboard Pro logo
: Softball Scoreboard Pro is an easy-to-use scorekeeping software designed to help coaches, referees, and fans track and manage softball games.
Interactive Circle of Fifths logo
Interactive Circle of Fifths is a software tool designed to help musicians and music students understand and explore harmonic relationships between chords and keys.
Dictionary English to Punjabi logo
This software provides a quick and easy translation of English words and phrases into Punjabi.
Chord Transposer logo
Chord Transposer is a software program that allows users to quickly and easily transpose musical chords from one key to another.
Solver "24" logo
24 is a mathematical puzzle game that uses four numbers and basic arithmetic operators to reach a given target number.
XFLR5 logo
XFLR5 is an analysis tool for airfoils, wings and planes operating at low Reynolds numbers.
States of Matter: Basics logo
States of Matter: Basics is an interactive educational software program designed to teach students about the properties and behavior of solids, liquids, and gases.
Coinpro logo
Coinpro is a cryptocurrency portfolio tracking and analytics software platform.
DesignDoll logo
DesignDoll is a 3D figure posing and animation tool that allows users to quickly and easily create 3D character artwork.
Enochian logo
Enochian is a software suite designed to provide tools for secure and private communication, data protection, and identity management.
Endless Alphabet... logo
Endless Alphabet is an educational app for young children that helps them learn and recognize the letters of the alphabet, phonics, and vocabulary through interactive stories and animations.
Portable UGENE logo
: UGENE is a free, open-source bioinformatics platform for sequence analysis, molecular biology and genetics research.
AnthemScore logo
AnthemScore is a powerful and easy-to-use music transcription and arrangement software for creating sheet music from audio files.
Excel Family Tree Chart Template Software logo
Excel Family Tree Chart Template Software provides a quick and easy way to create attractive family tree charts using Microsoft Excel.
PONS Dictionary German - Bulgarian Premium logo
The PONS Dictionary German - Bulgarian Premium software is a comprehensive and reliable language resource that provides accurate translations and detailed explanations of German-Bulgarian words and phrases.
KMZ / KML to GPX converter logo
KMZ/KML to GPX Converter is a free online converter that converts KML and KMZ files to GPX format.
Wave on a String logo
Wave on a String is a simulation software that allows users to explore the physics of waves on a string.
Unbound Bible logo
The Unbound Bible is a free, open-source Bible study program that provides powerful tools for exploring, searching, and studying Scripture.
Snap Core First logo
Snap Core First is an AAC software designed to help individuals with complex communication needs create meaningful communication with symbols and spoken words.
Crossword Weaver logo
Crossword Weaver is an easy-to-use crossword puzzle creator with a variety of options for customizing your crosswords.
Greek and Latin Roots Finder logo
Greek and Latin Roots Finder is an educational software program designed to help students learn and practice the roots of English language words.
Endless Numbers logo
Endless Numbers is an educational math game that helps children learn basic number skills and counting.
Free Chord Finder logo
Free Chord Finder is a free software tool that allows users to easily find, learn, and play guitar chords.
Lamp Unto My Feet logo
LAMP Unto My Feet is a software suite designed to help people learn, track, and share their spiritual journeys.
Latin to Cyrillic logo
This software can convert Latin text to Cyrillic text quickly and accurately.
Rundown Generator logo
Rundown Generator is a software application that enables users to quickly and easily create broadcast rundowns for their TV and radio shows.
Space Engine logo
Space Engine is a free-to-play, realistic, 3D space simulator that allows users to explore the universe, create and share content, and simulate the physics of celestial objects.
English Sinhala Popup Dictionary logo
Sinhala Popup Dictionary is a software that quickly translates English words into Sinhala with a single mouse click.
Free Genogram Maker logo
Genogram Maker is a free tool for creating detailed family tree diagrams to help visualize and analyze family relationships.
iBible logo
iBible is a Bible study app that offers a range of features to help users explore the Bible, such as audio recordings, reading plans, and more.
Simple Family Tree logo
Family Tree Builder is a free genealogy software that allows users to easily create, edit, and share family trees.
Merriam-Webster Medical dictionary logo
Merriam-Webster Medical dictionary software is a comprehensive electronic medical dictionary providing authoritative and up-to-date medical terms and definitions.
Nike+ Connect logo
Nike+ Connect is a software application that allows users to sync their Nike+ devices, access training programs, and track their fitness progress.
Crossword Express logo
Crossword Express is a software program for creating and solving crossword puzzles.
nth Root Calculator logo
Nth Root Calculator is a software that quickly and accurately calculates any nth root of a number.
Rune Reading logo
Rune Reading is a software program that provides users with an automated interpretation of ancient Nordic runes to help them gain insight into their life.
Pi Calculation Speed Test logo
Pi Calculation Speed Test is a software application that measures the speed at which your computer can calculate the value of pi.
LabChart Reader logo
LabChart Reader allows users to view, analyze, and share LabChart data files.
Attenuator Calculator logo
Attenuator Calculator is a software tool for calculating the power losses in a transmission line based on the known system parameters.
Percent and discount calculator logo
This software calculates the percentage increase or decrease of a value and provides the discounted amount.
CurTiPot pH & Acid-Base Titration Curves logo
TiPot pH & Acid-Base Titration Curves is a software tool for simulating and visualizing acid-base titrations.
Vehicle Fleet Manager logo
Vehicle Fleet Manager is a software designed to help businesses manage their fleet of vehicles more effectively.
Stats Keeper logo
Stats Keeper is a powerful, user-friendly statistics tracking and analysis software designed to help teams and organizations optimize performance.
X-Graph logo
X-Graph is a software platform designed to help organizations create data visualizations quickly and easily.
Simulation Exams for Network+ N10-007 (formerly Network+ practice tests) logo
Network+ N10-007 (formerly Network+ practice tests) is a software program providing comprehensive practice tests and questions to help users prepare for the Network+ N10-007 exam.
N-CAT logo
: NCAT is a powerful network analysis and troubleshooting tool that can scan, analyze, and report on network traffic data.
Truth Table Solver logo
This is an excellent Truth Table Solver for Windows. This is a great tool for students who need to learn how to use truth tables.
Romaji to Kana Translator logo
This software translates Romaji text into Kana characters, allowing users to easily type Japanese words and phrases.
Weight Watcher Points Plus Calculator logo
The Weight Watcher Points Plus Calculator is a software application that enables users to quickly calculate their daily and weekly point allowances, as well as track their progress.
Flags of Europe Quiz logo
A quiz software designed to test knowledge of the flags of European countries.
Astro Photography Tool logo
Astro Photography Tool is a powerful astrophotography suite designed to help you create beautiful deep sky images.
Musition logo
Musition is a comprehensive music education software designed to help students learn music theory and develop their musical skills.
VideoPsalm logo
Psalm is a free and open-source video projection software for churches, designed to be easy to use and customizable.
English - Georgian Dictionary logo
English-Georgian Dictionary software provides an easy way to look up translations of English words into Georgian.
Molecule Shapes logo
Molecule Shapes is a chemistry software program that helps students visualize and explore three-dimensional molecular structures and geometric shapes.
Gravity Simulator logo
Gravity Simulator is a physics-based simulation software that allows users to explore the effects of gravity on objects in a virtual environment.
DP Imtranslator logo
ImTranslator is a free online language translation and dictionary service that provides instant translations from any language to another.
Zulu - English Dictionary logo
A Zulu-English Dictionary software that provides an easy way to search for words and their meanings.
Mesius Leitner Box logo
Mesius Leitner Box is a powerful and user friendly flashcard study application that helps you learn and memorize more effectively.
KStars logo
KStars is a free, open-source desktop planetarium and astronomy software application for Linux, macOS, and Windows.
TypeTest logo
TypeTest is a web-based tool for quickly and easily testing the typing speed and accuracy of users.
Holy Qur'an Viewer logo
Helps people read Holy Quran every day USB Scale Reader logo USB Scale Reader is a software that enables users to connect and read data from compatible scales.
English to Vietnamese Translator logo
Phần mềm Dịch thuật Anh-Việt cung cấp cho người dùng khả năng chuyển đổi các v
GeoQuiz logo
GeoQuiz is an educational geography game designed to help learners of all ages explore the world.
VCE Exam Simulator logo
VCE Exam Simulator is a test engine designed to create, edit, and take practice tests in an environment similar to an actual exam.
Nursery Tutor logo
Nursery Tutor is an interactive educational program designed to help young children learn basic concepts such as numbers, shapes, colors, and letters.
stretchly logo
Stretchly is a cross-platform open-source break reminder app that helps you stay healthy and productive by taking regular breaks from your work.
OpenBoard logo
OpenBoard is an interactive whiteboard and teaching software for use in educational settings.
RootsMagic Essentials logo
RootsMagic Essentials is a free genealogy and family tree software for Windows and Mac that helps you organize and share your family history.
Scale Finder logo
Scale Finder is a software program that helps musicians quickly and easily identify what scale they are playing.
AlfaOBD logo
AlfaOBD is a diagnostic software for Fiat, Alfa Romeo, and Lancia vehicles that allows users to access vehicle systems and diagnose issues.
Endless Reader logo
Endless Reader is an educational app that teaches beginning readers how to recognize and spell words through interactive play.
ExamView Test Player logo
ExamView Test Player is a software program for administering, scoring, and reporting on computer-based tests.
Probability Calculator logo
Probability Calculator is an application for calculating the probability of various outcomes of a given set of data.
Grammatica logo
Grammatica is a Windows-based grammar checking program that helps users identify, correct, and prevent grammar errors in their writing.
Portable TheSage English Dictionary and Thesaurus logo
TheSage English Dictionary and Thesaurus is a comprehensive reference tool for Windows that provides quick access to a large collection of dictionary and thesaurus entries.
Ultimate Roulette Bet Calculator logo
Ultimate Roulette Bet Calculator is an easy-to-use tool that quickly calculates the best roulette bets for any situation.
The Q++ Salat Calculator Muslim Prayer Times logo
is: Q++ Salat Calculator is a comprehensive, user-friendly application that accurately calculates Muslim prayer times and provides a range of features to help Muslims observe their daily religious obligations.
Hangman Solver logo
Hangman Solver is a computer program that can identify and suggest all possible words that can be used to solve a Hangman puzzle.
Scale Speed Calculator logo
Speed Calculator is a software application that can quickly calculate speed, distance, and time in a user-friendly format.
CAMEO logo
CAMEO is a software suite designed to help emergency responders plan for and respond to chemical accidents.
LightningCalc logo
LightningCalc is a lightning detection and mapping software designed to provide lightning safety and warning services.
Multilingual Dictionaries English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Swedish logo
This software provides users with a comprehensive suite of multilingual dictionaries, including English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Swedish.
Oversetter logo
Oversetter is a software tool that enables users to translate text into multiple languages quickly and easily.
Zodiacal Releasing logo
Zodiacal Releasing is a powerful astrology software program designed to help users interpret and analyze their birth charts.
Crossword Master logo
Crossword Master is a program designed to help users easily construct and solve crossword puzzles.
USMLE Step 3 CCS Case Simulator logo
USMLE Step 3 CCS Case Simulator is a software program designed to simulate the Clinical Case Simulation component of the USMLE Step 3 Exam.
Ahnenblatt Portable logo
Ahnenblatt Portable is a feature-rich genealogy program that can be run directly from a USB drive without installation.
Portable Everyday Full Screen Calculator logo
A full-featured calculator designed for everyday use on PCs, tablets, and other devices.
Google Maps With GPS Tracker logo
Google Maps With GPS Tracker is a software application that allows users to track their location, create and save custom maps, and find directions to their destination.
Kart Data 2000 logo
Kart Data 2000 is a software package designed to help racers and track owners manage their vehicle and track information.
OpenCards logo
OpenCards is an open-source flashcard study software designed to help users learn and memorize material quickly.
English To Telugu Translator logo
This software translates English text into Telugu with accuracy and speed.
Simple Truss Solver logo
Truss Solver is a software program designed to quickly and accurately analyze the forces in trusses and frames.
Logic Calculator logo
Logic Calculator is a software application that allows users to quickly and easily solve logic problems using boolean logic and set operations.
WOD Generator logo
WOD Generator is a web application that quickly and easily creates workout of the day (WOD) programs for any fitness level.
Generate Random Japanese Names Software logo
This software generates random Japanese names with customizable settings.
Garfield Comic Reader logo
Garfield Comic Reader is a free program that allows users to read and browse through the Garfield comic strip library.
GL Manga Reader logo
Manga Reader is a free and open source application for reading manga and comics from multiple online sources.
Animal Sounds Soundboard logo
Soundboard application featuring a variety of animal sounds for entertainment or educational use.
Pepperplate logo
Pepperplate is a recipe and menu planning tool that helps you organize, manage and prepare meals with ease.
SharpCap logo
SharpCap is a powerful and easy to use astronomy camera capture and image processing application.
Midpoint logo
Midpoint is an online project management and time tracking software that helps teams stay organized and on track.
Virtual Dyno logo
Virtual Dyno is a software program that allows users to estimate the performance of their vehicle by analyzing dragstrip performance data.
Pick34 Generator logo
This software generates random selections of numbers for playing the popular Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery games.
Wikio for Wikipedia logo
Wikio is a free open-source software project for creating and editing Wikipedia-style websites.
Matrices Calculator logo
Matrices Calculator is a software program designed to quickly and accurately solve mathematical problems for matrices.
Biorhythms Calculator Amateur logo
Biorhythms Calculator is an amateur software program that calculates physical, emotional, and intellectual cycles to help predict future performance and well-being.
GPX To KML Converter logo
GPX To KML Converter is a software tool that allows users to quickly and easily convert GPS data from GPX to KML format.
FREE English-Marathi Translator logo
This free English-Marathi Translator software allows users to quickly and easily translate text between English and Marathi.
TinyPiano logo
TinyPiano is a virtual piano and music creation program that allows users to practice and compose music.
jWords logo
jWords is an educational software program designed to teach language learners the fundamentals of Japanese vocabulary and grammar.
Human Japanese logo
Human Japanese is an interactive language-learning software that teaches Japanese through conversations and activities.
Class Action Gradebook Homeschool Edition logo
Action Gradebook Homeschool Edition is a powerful and easy-to-use software that helps homeschoolers manage and track student grades and performance.
Inetio: Dictionary of Synonyms logo
Inetio Dictionary of Synonyms is an online thesaurus that helps users quickly find the right word to express their thoughts.
Plate Tectonics logo
Plate Tectonics software is a computer program that simulates the movement of the Earth's tectonic plates over time.
West Point Bridge Designer logo

West Point Bridge Designer is a free educational software program used to create and test virtual bridges.

Git-it logo
You can learn how to use Git and GitHub on the command line with the help of the desktop (Mac, Windows, and Linux) application Git-it
Udeler logo
Udeler is an open source, cross-platform desktop application for downloading Udemy Courses
Clever Dictionary logo
An offline dictionary, thesaurus and more
Portable English - Romanian Dictionary logo
A portable version of the English-Romanian dictionary
Word Sound Rhymer logo
Identify what rhymes and the specified word in the rhymes.
The application is very useful to calculate the determinant value of the matrix.
Serbian-English Translator logo
Serbian-English Translator is a simple English to Serbian and Serbian to English translator and dictionary.
Free Histogram Maker logo
This histogram maker is very useful for edit templates and spreadsheets.
CCNA Practice Tests logo
The Carrying out and Regulating Cisco Arrangements (CCNA) course is the initial step into Cisco organizing.
Lotto Software USA Washington Lotto logo
A software that helps to increase the probability of winning the lottery.
Pregnancy Countdown logo
Simple yet fun way of determining when your baby will be born
Periodic Table Quiz logo
Simple and fun way to learn the Periodic Table
BeerSmith logo
BeerSmith Software is used for obtaining Homemade brew recipe
FreshRSS logo
A free and fast aggregator you can host yourself.
Sonar logo
A capable sound composition instrument. This item is positioned as a genuine generation center, where you'll work on shinning courses of action and remixes, superimpose sound impacts, progress sound and bring together tracks.
Flatbook logo
Superb software and a great add on to facebook account
Bookviser Reader Premium logo
Bookviser Reader Premium is a feature rich Windows Phone ebook reader and management options and text to speech support.
Total Text Container logo
An encrypted XML database to store content of all types
SubDiv logo
SubDiv is an organizing application that keeps your files fully organized.
The Holy Bible King James Version logo
A best Holy Bible English translation with ease of use features
Photolemur logo
Photo editing with artificial intelligence
HTML Help Workshop logo
Shows how to plan, create, and compile Help projects
HelpNDoc logo
Allows for writing or importing content
Adobe Captivate logo
You can create easy to use courses in minutes with the new Adobe Captivate
htm2chm logo
Provides access to key features within windows
EBook Maestro FREE logo
Ebooks online for Windows server online
Kid Pix 3D logo
A software for children that allows them to create a story
Blumind logo
Capture and organize your thoughts and expand upon them
Easy Grade Pro logo
Replaces a teacher's traditional written gradebook with a digital version
eSobi logo
An all-in-one information management tool for news and podcasts
Epubor ePUB to Kindle Converter logo
An ebook converter software, that allows you to use the reader you already have
DipTrace Free logo
Design and build your computer from scratch
CHEMIX School logo
Фn educational helping tool for learning chemistry
ExpertGPS logo
A mapping software for Mapping Data Downloading
Calibre Portable logo
Edit features of e-books and convert .mobi to .epub vice versa
Microsoft MapPoint logo
Compile data from multiple sources to your maps
Book Bazaar Reader logo
A free book reader that is easy to use and packed with features
PersonalBrain logo
A mind mapping app for the masses, available for Window PCs
Statgraphics logo
SA data analysis and visualization software
SnapGene Viewer logo
Create, browse, and share DNA sequence files up to one GB in length.
FreeMat logo
An interpreted development tool for engineering and scientific applications
TextAloud logo
Turn computer text, such as Microsoft Word files into audible sound