by Thomas Lornsen

A simple application to create interactive test quizzes within minutes

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Thomas Lornsen

Release : QuizMaker 6

Antivirus check: passed

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If you’re a teacher, project manager, or instructor, you need to evaluate the knowledge and expertise of your students or employees. For this, a Quiz Maker can prove highly beneficial. It is free software that allows you to create quizzes and tests so you can conveniently assess your students. Besides, it can also be used to create polls, surveys, or multiple other question formats. The intuitive and simple interface lets you create interactive quizzes within minutes.

For quick and unique quizzes, this application also offers ready-to-use templates. You can choose from any of the available themes or create a custom one to make tests or questions. The best thing is it’s easy to use. You can start by choosing your quiz type. For instance, you can select from trivia quizzes, personality tests, polls, and surveys. Then, write your questions and tick the correct answer so the software knows the information. Finally, you can share your quiz via a direct link.


  • A highly valuable application to create online quizzes or tests for self-evaluation and educational purposes.
  • It allows you to make a new quiz, choose from templates, add questions, and perform multiple other actions.
  • You can customize your choices by changing the layout, theme, or color of the text. This way, you can make an engaging and interactive quiz within seconds.
  • The working methodology is straightforward, with no prerequisites. You can build a new test by entering your credentials and personal details.
  • It provides multipurpose usage, meaning people belonging to different fields such as teachers, employees, managers, or trainers can use this tool.
  • You can use it on any device as it is compatible with almost all types of operating systems including Windows old and latest versions.

Above all, Quiz Maker is beyond just a test making tool. It offers great features to create unique and interactive quizzes that can be shared directly to your pages or embedded to a website. Get it now to ease your assessment process.

Quiz Maker has plenty of tools to create an engaging quiz that contain pictures or sound so you can use it for various purposes.
Compatible with modern operating systems
Requires minimum 1 GB RAM
Requires 200 MB free disk space
Internet connection for sharing and exporting quizzes

Supports a wide range of question types.
Allows multimedia integration for engaging quizzes.
Offers data analysis to track learner performance.

Limited customizability for certain question types.
No mobile app for quiz creation.
Lack of live support or chat feature.
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