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kernel32.dll is a system library of functions that is part of the Windows kernel. Apparently, the reason for your visit to this page is an error related to this file. When you start a game or program, a message appears indicating that the entry point to any procedure of this library is not found. Let's see what the reasons are, and what we can do about it...

This file cannot be deleted or overwritten as it is protected by the operating system. Therefore, the probability that it is not in your system is almost zero. Can this file be corrupted? It's also unlikely that the system would have worked incorrectly or not loaded at all. However, to check the integrity of the kernel32.dll library, you can download the original file from our website and compare it by hash (MD5, SHA1). The cause of the problem may be an outdated operating system (and accordingly the kernel32.dll library). In this case, it is enough to update the system. For example, there is often a problem with Skype, which gives out a similar error on Windows XP. The problem is solved by installing the SP3 service pack. In each version of Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10) the kernel32.dll file differs in content and size. In other words, the version of the file is different everywhere. Correspondingly, the entry addresses to the procedures and functions contained in kernel32.dll will also be different. Therefore, the cause of the error may be trite failure to comply with the system requirements. Check if your system is supported and also check the capacity of the game and system (32 and 64 bits).

Alternative solutions include system rollback to an earlier state, full system virus scan, system recovery using the installation disk. There may be many other reasons and solutions, but they are all individual and specific to each case, so it is difficult to give any advice.

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I have been running into kernel32 problems forever. This product will be easy to use and fix many common problems.
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