Key Remapper


Remapping keys is great for getting your keys working the way you want them

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: ATNSOFT

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Key Remapper is an application for overriding keyboard keys and mouse buttons. With the help of the program, the user can reassign the functions of the keys and mouse buttons, for example, to configure the CapsLock button to click the middle mouse button or replace F11 with F8. It is also possible to replace the right analogues of the buttons with their left analogues and vice versa (for example, to swap the left and right Ctrl), you can configure the functions of hotkeys (including - with the use of modifiers), block mouse and keyboard buttons, limit their effect to certain applications, etc. It is possible to use different profiles and switch between them quickly.

the software helped out a lot since i have a few broken keys which I wanted to replace with a few of my useless keys. It also helped me while playing many different games and it was like I was using macros.
I love this software. It has allowed me to be more productive and time efficient. This is especially important because I work from home. It works just like I thought it would.
Really good key remapping tool. If your keyboard is just not in the format that you want, you can easily install this quick app and decide exactly where you want you keyboard buttons to be re-assigned. i did mine within 10 minutes, it was simple to use, user friendly and id use it again, thank you.
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