by PassMark Software

A simple and effective way to ensure your Windows-based keyboard is fully functional

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: PassMark Software

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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KeyboardTest is a program for testing and diagnosing computer mice and keyboards. It can be used to check the performance of all keys on input devices and manipulators for triggering or not triggering buttons, to determine the response time after pressing and the time delay between repeated keystrokes. The program also allows you to check the operation of the LED indicators on the devices and view the internal scan codes generated by the device.

The current test results are displayed in the main program window in real time. Pressing each key is displayed on the graphical keyboard layout. To determine the status of each key by the program different colors are used: red indicates the pressing of the button, green indicates a positive response, blue indicates a failure, etc.

The KeyboardTest supports most well-known keyboard models. The user can select a suitable model from the list in the main menu or create their own keyboard similar to the original used by the user. It is also possible to load additional keyboard layouts from the program library.

Additionally, KeyboardTest can test computer mice to determine the current speed of the motion sensor, the correctness of the manipulator's determination of X and Y coordinates, the efficiency and response time of keys and LED indicators.

KeyboardTest is easy to use, it is easy to use, it can work in automatic mode, checking all the parameters in a row and has a good reference file.

Keyboardtest is awesome. it is especially great for gaming keyboards to test the speed of the keyboard buttons. although it is called keyboard test it also test the speed of the mouse i would recommend this for gamers especially.
KeyboardTest is a program that tests for problems in computer keyboards and your mouse. I like using it to make sure all of my keys are working up to par, and being able to fix my keyboard if any issues pop up. I can see what's going on internally, too, and it's nice to see test results as they show up instead of waiting a long time. Plus, the program is easy to use.
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