by KillProg

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: KillProg

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.93524

KillCopy is an application intended for copying files on the local network. It supports resuming interrupted copying (something similar to resuming the download), setting the copying speed, turning off the computer automatically after copying is complete, and much more. To speed up downloading files from the locale, the program allows you to launch several threads at once. KillCopy has a customizable interface and can be embedded in the context menu of Windows Explorer.

Andrew (unverified)
I work for a small non profit and we regularly need to copy files from one computer to the next for our clients. We purchased KillCopy and have been extremely pleased with the result. No need to train staff on tech, very easy to use.
Hamish (unverified)
This product sounds useful if you have to make copies of many files. I have setup computers over the years and wish it had been around then. Would have made life a lot easier...and faster also. I will definitely give it a try.
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