by DiskTrix Inc

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DiskTrix Inc

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.43619

UltimateDefrag is an advanced hard disk defragmentation program that includes much more features than the standard Windows application. For example, this application allows you to defragment only part of the section, and thanks to the clear graphics in the main window of the program, you can follow the results of its work in real time. By the way, the application works very quickly, but at the same time it loads the system very much, so before starting the defragmentation process we recommend you to disable all open utilities.

After completing the task, UltimateDefrag will provide the user with a detailed report and several diagrams showing how the hard drive's performance has improved. Finally, as you know, the standard Windows application allows you to defragment a volume if it is free to use at least 15% of the space. This program can work at any size of free space.

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