by Alexey M. Blinov

Windows software to help quickly promote your YouTube channel

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Alexey M. Blinov

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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KruTube is a program that will help to quickly promote the channel on YouTube, increasing the number of subscribers and increasing the number of views, likes, comments on your videos.

It works on the principle of equal exchange of video shows/views and other friendly actions between all users of KruTube, of which there are already many. The application will automatically show your clips to other users, as well as click and comment on their videos. In return, you'll get the same thing from them. Since only live users take part in the system, it is quite natural that views, likes and comments are generated without causing any suspicions among Youtube moderators.

KruTube is quite easy to use: the user is required to add a link to the desired video and set up the required number of views, likes, dislikes and displays per hour. You can also customize comments. It should be noted that initially the user is given 70 points, which will be gradually diverged. For example, 1 point is deducted for each showing of your video, 10 points for a liking, 30 points for the received subscriber, and 50 points for the added comment. To continue to use the program, you must earn new points. To do this, log in to the section "Earning Points" with your login and password from your account in YouTube, so that the program from your active account will view, comment and follow someone else's videos. You'll get new bonuses for that. Also, additional points can be bought unlimitedly on the official website of the developer for quite a small fee.

KruTube is a portable program that does not require installation on a computer. Simply download and unpack the archive, and then run the KruTube.exe executable as an administrator. Also the program is not demanding to resources of the personal computer and an operating system, and can, without loading the computer, long time to work in a background mode.

KruTube for Windows is a software program that allows you to add Youtube videos to a public server. The benefits are increased views, subscribers, likes, dislikes and comments. This software is free to use. The system uses a community-based structure where other users will begin to fill your selected quotas and you can do the same for them. It includes an automated video viewing system called Autoview.
KruTube for Windows is a great program for beginner youtubers who are struggling to get views and subscribers for their channel. By using KruTube you are able to increase the likes, subscribers, views, and even comments on your video. It does this by helping you promote the channel. It's simple to use and a great application if you are a young, struggling channel.
KruTube is a specifically designed software that enables the users to attract a certain target audience online. If you are looking to obtain more views, likes, and subscribers to your online videos, than this is the software to use. The software is designed to show your videos to other users, and not only that, but it will click and comment on their videos for you! All the user has to do is add the link of the video that they want viewed, and than they get to pick the amount of views, and plays per hour. This does not even require an installation, it is a simple download and running of the program itself, and the user is all set.
I truly feel this would be the perfect software product for someone who is new to YouTube and starting a channel or someone who has a YouTube channel but is having problems managing their channel. Just by downloading it, I noticed it doesn't take up a lot of space and it also doesn't take a long time to download. Another helpful thing about KruTube for Windows is that it is absolutely FREE! So if you are someone who is having financial issues or don't have any money at the moment, you're in for a treat!
I have a rather small YouTube channel and with the current way YouTube is run, it is very hard to get views and make your channel successful. KruTube is a program that helps you promote your channel so it can be successful. It helps not only increase your subscribers, likes and comments on videos, and also the views they get.
Based on what I have read about KruTube, it says that this is a site where you get the best chance to get likes. It has a huge number of available sites online. The fact that customer satisfaction is their main concern, you could conclude that there is a bigger chance that you get a quality service in Krutube. It says that they can give their clients or users a 100% safe and secure connection, with that assurance, I really think that this is a great deal and it also says that they are available 24 hours for any concerns like resolving issues. I also found out that the process to place orders is user friendly which means it is easy to use.
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