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Publisher: National Instruments Corporation

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LabVIEW is a professional development environment for the management of control and measurement systems. The program is designed primarily for scientists and engineers who need to collect and analyze large amounts of data from multiple sources. Developers at National Instruments offer a huge arsenal of measurement, monitoring, and data collection tools from a variety of equipment installed in laboratories and research centers. In addition to recording important data, LabVIEW can process them for further visualization and use in all kinds of tests and experiments.

The program can interact with individual applications as well as with complex measuring systems. To automate the process of data collection and processing, the user with sufficient programming skills can create his own applications. As a matter of fact, LabVIEW represents some visual programming language though disputes on whether it is such, go on till now. Applications created in the environment are created from individual modules called "Virtual Instruments" (or "VI" for short). If we draw analogies with the C language, these modules are some kind of functions defined by the developer. For detailed acquaintance with language LabVIEW use documentation which the program is supplied with. It is only available in English, but given the intended activity of the end user, this is unlikely to be a problem for the end user.

- Management of control and data collection systems in laboratories and research centres;

- Processing and visualization of received information for further use in tests and experiments;

- working with individual applications and complex measuring systems;

- a proprietary visual programming language that helps you create applications to automate a wide variety of processes;

- detailed documentation;

- integration with the latest NI hardware platforms;

- possibility of building SCADA-systems.

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LabVIEW is super easy to work with, and I've yet to experience any difficulties with the program. We use it at work and it's great system for all the researchers to gather information. The user interface is friendly, and any issues that arise are easily troubleshot.
Whether you use your software for testing, controlling or measuring, LabView for Windows software creates visual feedback to debug and analyze applications quickly. Now you can eliminate the sometimes tedious process of checking code line-by-line. Their process displays the exact location or point where an issue can be found.
This is a cool software to have on your computer. It can allow the computer to control the data in the laboratories. It also can process the information it receive for experiment. This is a cool software to use and have on the computer.
LabVIEW is systems engineering software for applications that require test, measurement, and control with rapid access to hardware and data insights
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