LDAP Search

by SecurityXploded Inc

A networking tool to remotely search the Directory Servers like eDirectory or Active Directory

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: SecurityXploded Inc

Release : LDAP Search 6.0

Antivirus check: passed

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If you are looking for handy software to locate information in the Directory Servers easily, LDAP Search is the best source for you. It is mainly designed to search for any data information and connectivity issues in the directory within no time. The Servers contain scalable and high-performance data that will provide critical information in the industry. It also serves as a basis for new-generation e-business applications and web services.

Active Directory Server contains multiple files and documents that you can search within seconds using the LDAP Search tool. Not only this, but the software can also help you troubleshoot issues you find in the directory. To initiate the process, you need to go through some steps, including hostname, IP address, LDAP port, configuration, etc.


  • LDAP Search comes with a user-friendly and customized interface.
  • When the server requires you to identify yourself with the previously granted certificate, this software allows you to specify the server certificate during the SSL connection.
  • The software supports both normal LDAP and LDAP SSL protocols. If the target server is running on a standard port, you can specify the custom ports.
  • You can easily provide the authentication credential while searching the directory.
  • For the anonymous connection, here is the default blank username and password, or use "anonymous" as the username.
  • Base DN is required to indicate the sub-object for the search process.
  • You can customize your search query based on the purpose you want to search.

To start the process in the user-friendly interface of the software, you need to provide different parameters. It begins with the hostname and IP address, after which you are required to provide an LDAP port, server certificate, and authentication. The search part includes customization of different things like Base DN, Filter, Attributes, etc.

The filter option specifies what type of object you are searching for, while the attributes option shows the custom attributes. Moreover, to indicate the depth of the search, there is a scope feature with three different levels. After customization, save the results and search the queries.

LDAP Search is a freeware application that can be used remotely to search different files and documents or troubleshoot various issues in the Directory Servers.
Operating system: Windows XP or higher
Support for LDAP protocol on ports 389 and 636
Capability to specify server certificate during SSL connection
Functionality for custom search and result export

Efficiently enables remote search across various directory servers.
Very user-friendly with a broad range of customizable search options.
Supports both standard LDAP and LDAPSSL protocols.

Can be complex for beginners to understand and use.
Lacks advanced search capabilities for complex data.
No tech support offered since it's a free software.
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