by RustDesk

A remote access program, also being cross-platform and open source

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: RustDesk

Release : RustDesk 1.2

Antivirus check: passed

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RustDusk is a great remote access app that consists of simple utility software that allows for easy connection between devices. The program supports all types of different types of configurations and a variety of OS systems for their subsequent device, including Web, iOS, Android, Linus, and Windows. The project is open source, meaning anyone in need or with a desire to edit/add new features to the software has a direct ability to do so.

This software is suitable primarily for IT users, though people who just work remotely or any other personal user can find it just as useful. Other than the aforementioned stuff RustDesk also provides some documentation on itself, as well as an active GitHub, Reddit, and Discord community. All of the transferred data is safe and secured, so you don't have to bother yourself with worrying about your work (or) information being stolen. The application is fairly easy to install and configure, as well as its interface not being genuinely easy to navigate and get a grasp on


  • Fast file transportation between the devices is also possible, and it works with large chunks of data.
  • Classic login and password systems make establishing the connection fast and simple. All of the previous connections are being recorded in history, which can become very handy later on when having to backtrack data
  • Open source code and the perks that come with it, additionally enabling device mounting without using any other 3rd party software like VPN, port forwarding, or firewall bypassers.
  • End-to-end encryption security
  • Features like chatting, both while accessing the device and while in control

Pulling it all together, RustDesk is definitely a must among open-source remote access toolsets, providing excellent solutions to some sophisticated problems. It is rather simple to use, too, and one can use its potential to the maximum according strictly to his own will and editing skills. This makes RustDesk stand out as being both uncomplicated for common users and complex enough for professionals.

RustDesk is a great remote control application, allowing for distant access to another device!
Operating System: Windows, macOS, Linux
RAM: Minimum 1GB recommended
Free Disk Space: At least 500MB
Processor: Compatible with x86 and x64 processors

Offers a secure end-to-end encrypted remote connection.
Allows easy file transfers between devices.
Incorporates an integrated chat function for real-time communication.

Limited customer support due to being open-source.
Lacks advanced features found in commercial alternatives.
No in-built audio support for remote sessions.
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