AeroAdmin logo
Remote desktop with cloud based operating system for Windows-based PCs
Unified Remote logo
Control your computer, and up to 100 apps with one remote on your phone
Wireshark logo
A program that is used for network troubleshooting.
Vectir logo
Control your PC using your phone or tablet
Hamachi logo
Hamachi VPN Client, keeping customers information away from hackers and unsolicited monitoring has never been so useful.
Motorola Device Manager logo
Control your device remotely, installing updates and managing information stored in your device
MTPuTTY logo
Manage multiple PuTTY windows in one tab
HP Connection Manager logo
Connect to other devices using wireless networks such as Bluetooth
OSToto Hotspot logo
Turn your computer into a WiFi access point
mRemoteNG logo
Remotely access and manage computers over a network through most major protocols
GoToMyPC logo
Access your PC remotely from other devices
Skifta logo
Skifta allows control of various media, wherever it may reside, through the convenience of mobile phone
BFGMiner logo
A modular Bitcoin ASIC/FPGA mining application used to solve hashing algorithms in the creation of new Bitcoin
VyprVPN logo
VyprVPN is considered the world’s most powerful VPN. It allows for fast VPN without the use of third party software.
Anyplace Control logo
Control any desktop from your local PC in real time