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An award winning versatile tool that helps to design, deliver and publish courses across devices.

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Lectora for windows is a very interactive and versatile tool that helps the user to create their own courses and deliver or publish them across the world to any number of devices. This Lectora platform contains all the tools that help to create a course. The user can also create video-based courses, gaming, puzzles, and even create their own scripts. There are no limitations to the creativity of the user in this lectora platform. Lectora even has pre-built templates, layouts, interactions, and so on so that the user can create their course easily or can create their own to inspire them. It also provides space for collaborating with others and coming up with creative ideas through cloud access. With this lectora the user can track and trigger the learner experience by adding some conditional branches and giving a few sequential events, it gives a more personalized feeling. This lectora software has a very interactive user interface, which makes the user to easily learn and use this platform. Also, it provides easy and quick access to all the advanced features. An interesting feature of this lectora is that it has a review link which enables the user to get reviews and feedback about their course in an easier way from the heads and excellent. User can also record their screen and go live within this lectora platform. One can also take their projects to another level using virtual reality, which is one of the features of this lectora platform. Lectora is available for free only as a trial version. For the complete or full version, Lectora is available in two different prices, one is the silver package and the other is a golden package.

Available as desktop version and also cloud based.

  • An excellent, fun platform for learning.
  • Pre-built access to their own library.
  • Supports multiple languages.
  • Has pre-built templates and layouts.
  • very flexible authoring tool
  • the revised contents can be easily tracked.
  • gives quick access to all advance features
Fraser Rochman
Lectora is a software program used to create digital e-learning courses. It enables users to create interactive, visually engaging, and media-rich course content, assessments, and surveys. Lectora enables users to quickly and easily create and publish content for multiple devices and platforms such as PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones. It also includes a range of features and tools for creation, collaboration, and distribution, as well as data tracking, reporting, and analytics.