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An innovative product to assist with effortless transcription work

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Listen N Wite is an innovative new product that allows one to transcribe more effortless, seamlessly, and easily. Which also allows one to adjust different functions to suit their personal transcription pace and preferences.


  • Pause and Play
  • Easily rewinds a couple of seconds
  • Effortlessly hear words that may have been missed 
  • Integrated Wordprocessor and Bookmark

Listen N Wite is such an innovate product and game changer. It proves ideal for students or business professionals, including lawyers, or anyone who has to transcribe their work or personal assignments.

One of the key benefits of this program is that you can adjust it to match your personal preference

The Listen N Wite program will also allow you to go back and hear a single word, if in the advent that you missed it, or didn't hear it the first time around, which makes for easy editing functions, and more of a guarantee of your transcription work being free from unnecessary errors. It is one of the world's best tool for playing back lectures and speeches, especially allowing the one-second function to eliminate and reduce the chances that important words were left out of the transcription work. Or that you missed key and essential information because you jumped ahead too far in advance. Or you didn't hear, the first time around what had actually been spoken, therefore rendering your work as incomplete or replete with mistakes and missing important information.

The integrated Wordprocessor and Bookmarks are worth its weight in gold. Once one begins using Listen N Write to complete transcription work will prove so beneficial, seamless, and effortless, reducing time and difficulties that you'd wonder why you hadn't used it sooner, and you'd never want to go back to the traditional, old ways and means of getting transcription work completed. 

Listen N Wite is more than worth its weight in gold, cause being that as opposed to a high cost for this product, it is offered absolutely Free of charge, one could never go wrong with that, or risk financially lost.

Alayna Rohleder
Listen N Write has helped me become the fastest transcriber that I know! I don't know how I lived without it before. I would recommend this app to any of my fellow transcribers. By far the easiest and simplest app to assist in the transcribing process.
amazing Features, loved the log, can adjust to match personal preferences. would recommend it!
Alfie Benton
This software is very useful and intuitive. It will make a huge difference to anyone that needs to transcribe data. It is also going to open a lot of opportunities up for people that have a hard time taking notes or with messy handwritting.
I'm very glad I found this product. I have to do a lot of typing and sometimes my Carpal Tunnel acts up, so this provides me great relief all while remaining productive. A few things that I like about the software is that it enables you to include time stamps so that you know where key parts of whatever you are typing are. A few of my coworkers use this same product and none of us have anything bad to say. Give you wrists a rest and give this product a shot!
Listen N Write for Windows is a wonderful program that assists me with transcribing materials. I always seem to have a lot of work to do, transcribing documents. This program helps make my job so much easier. I never realized that a program like this even existed. While doing some research on getting a little help locating tips on transcribing documents, I came across this software. Ever since I located this program, I have been using it. I am completely satisfied with all of the features and services that this program offers. I will definitely continue using this program in the future. I will also recommend this product to anyone and everyone that can possibly utilize this. I am so happy that I discovered the existence of such a program.
Students, teachers, writers and audiophiles alike can rejoice. The premier, standard-setting transcribing software, Listen N Write for Windows is a gratis option, available online and created for Elefant Software’s superior collection of freeware. Though the technology is made with the high bar of enabling the disabled, it is eminently suitable for all. Listen N Write for Windows makes it easy for transcribers to enhance their productivity. Note-taking and transmuting to audio requires only a single, small and easy-to-download tool. Moreover, playback optimizes clarification by automatically rewinding slightly when used. Developed by an Italian-based company, Listen N Write is available in more than a dozen languages.
Say goodbye to your transcribing nightmare. Forget those hard to understand and crappy auto-corrected transcriptions all your other software programs gave you. Listen N Write is up to date, easy to use and by far the best choice out there. I had no problems with installation or with the use of it. I always had so much trouble with those long and mumbled up audio clips that were unfortunately saved by mistake. Listen n write is able to slow down the recording and 95% of the time for me, has been more accurate than any other. Transcribe to Microsoft word in minutes, hassle-free. 2 thumbs up.
Listen N Write is easily one of the most efficient transcribing software out there and I highly recommend it to teachers and those working in academia. The media player and text-editor allow you to seamlessly multitask transcription tasks that require both listening and writing. The audio is never distorted at all and the playback controls have great UI allowing for easy replays.
This has the potential to be a great asset for educational purposes, or even people who want to work from home as it cuts time from going to seperate windows. this is a great multi tasking program and has many uses in everyday home and business life. Also, a great benefit to those who want to work from home as well. Why not add to ones success with a useful tool like this!
This Software are best use in taken notes. Teacher and student are tack a e-notes easily. Because the N WRITE was use to easy edit or change the content. It is simple to use easy. Best advantage is multitask. There save our time so increases the study focus and productivity.
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