by RadioSure

Radiosure is radio streaming app that claims to make listening easy

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: RadioSure

Release: RadioSure 2.2.104

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This is a radio streaming application through windows. It offers its regular download and now a portable download to make things easier. And personally what I think makes it stand out by offering the 2 choices. Standard and portable 


  • You can open a YouTube search straight from the cover art
  • The mini taskbar allows you to run just about all controls
  • Has more than 12,000 stations to choose from 
  • Supports most audio formats that are out there 

This windows radio streaming application has made itself unique by allowing you to search by not only keywords. But by cover art through YouTube.

It allows you to import/export your favorite songs.

Along with the portable download that comes with the mini taskbar to run nearly anything you need without having to expand it. The option of how many stations it offers, I believe is enough to turn heads. But also supports import/export of your favorite music. Without the frustration of it, it is not being able to handle your download format. 

Consandra Jackson
RadioSure product is a great product. This a great way get my favorite songs with ease. The product give you two choices to download your favorite music either by standard or portable. You will have access to more than 12,000 stations which is amazing. This device support many audio format. The search feature for this device is great because it allow you search by cover or keywords only.
Bob Johnson
RadioSure is a Windows radio streamer. Comes in two versions, downloadable radio streams or mobile radio streams. It has a built-in YouTube cover art search, a taskbar for full control and more than 12,000 stations to listen to. This software stands above the rest because of its ability to search cover art.
RadioSure is a premier radio application for Windows with all of the latest tracks and talks available for listening. Perhaps the best aspect of this program is that it allows for global listening, meaning that you may listen to stations from all around the world. This is easily the best utility for radio listening for this reason, and the best of all is that the whole package is free!
Radiosure is a highly customizable freeware radio application software available on most windows platforms. It helps you tune into radio stations around the world at the click of a button. It has a clean user interface and is very easy to use. It features various functions from having More than 17000 of stations in the package to Fast and reliable search for any station you desire. It is a very powerful bit of software which should help you complete all your radio listening activities. It comes highly recommended.
Logan Bane
I work from my computer for several hours a day and before RadioSure I was using a plain old radio and sometimes youtube. It was very limiting as there was constantly ads and hours of music breaks. This opened me up to a worldwide radio system without paying big bucks for satellite. This has made my day just that much more enjoyable.
Radiosure is a radio app. this is pretty neat seems how theres not a ton of good radio apps out there. you can browse through tons of stations or sort by language, genre and titles. this is the 2nd version of this app and people thinks its definetly getting better.
I must say as opening the box of RadioSure for Windows I was hesitant. Hoping that I picked the right program. All in all I can say I did! I like how I have the option and variety to listen to over twenty thousand different radio stations worldwide. I literally will never use the normal radio again. I noticed some stations are ad free which is a total bonus!
It's used to directly saved mp3,the youtube audio is same quality level,and it's used to esay way to download,mostly other app need payment option but it's not requied,and app setup is very easy.
Radiosure is actually an app that summarizes all your music and needs to listen to the radio into one tiny solution. It allows you to browse through a huge collection of radio stations, sorting by frequency, country, genre and title. You can also add new stations, and even record audio. You can listen to Radiosure via the main inter phase, which can be minimized to a smaller tab or even the taskbar. Minimizing to taskbar can allow you to browse through music by simply right clicking. The app is tiny but efficient, recommended for travelers and for your car too.
What an incredible software Radiosure for Windows it is! With this software, even the furthest radio signals become reachable. Incredibly, the software has made the impossible to happen. I find it fantastic as it has more than 17000 radio stations all accessible by all. It is a great software with incredibly strong feeds that load quickly and effectively.
RadioSure gives you access to a large amount of radio stations that you can listen to via the Internet. You can search for radio stations, and even add a station yourself. There are also numerous skins you can choose from to make your player coordinate with the colors of your computer. Music is much easier to listen to when you have all your favorite stations right at your fingertips, right on your computer.
I love using RadioSure for Windows because it's a program that helps me stream and discover all kinds of new radio stations to add to my collection of favorites. Not only does it offer access to a large number of stations, but it also lets you filter stations by various categories, including but not limited to genre and country. I also love how smooth and rich the audio quality is.
I'm a big radio junkie, and if you are too, then you must do yourself a favor and check out RadioSure for Windows. This program will give you the ability to tune into radio stations not only in the United States but also around the globe. In fact, it offers over 12,000 stations on its platform, which is pretty incredible in terms of its reach.
RadioSure is a compelling new program that brings worldwide radio access to listeners all over the USA. With over 12,000 different channels users can find radio stations to fit any music lovers mood. This application is compatible with a variety of different platforms, making it easy to install, use and enjoy
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