by Yannick Delwiche

A free composition tool for creative Windows-based computer users who want to make music

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Yannick Delwiche

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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As the developers say, MadTracker is the shortest way between imagination and finished music. The program is an audio editor that allows you to quickly create high-quality audio tracks. MadTracker provides the user with an intuitive interface and very efficient functions. Enhanced capabilities are guaranteed to support VST, ASIO and ReWire, while the PC load is relatively low. MadTracker is equipped with dozens of VST plug-ins, 8 built-in effects, and more than 70 quality audio samples for a quick start for beginners. You may also find some good articles on the program's work in the network and study all its possibilities. The program gets the most out of your video card by supporting ASIO, the industry standard for audio drivers. Mixing console gives you quick access to all VST plug-ins and built-in effects, which allows you not only to implement all the ideas, but also to do it quickly.

I like this software because it allows me to quickly create high-quality audio tracks.
Madtracker is a cool audio editing software that allows you to easily produce quality audio in no time. You can make music with it you can make beats to a song with it. The software allows a smooth process for creating the audio you want.
What this software does is it lets you create very good audio tracks in a an extremely accelerated pace. This software is very good for me as I'm a student with a job and don't have much time left for enjoyment, this software expedites that process to a great degree.
If you need a composition tool that helps you to create music this is the software for you. This software provides the ability to make music your way. It seamlessly integrates into your current set up and provides full support to its users really fast too. I highly recommend this software that turns your imagination into music and if you are looking for a friendly community that will inspire you and help you too this software has a friendly community with forum where you can with like-minded individuals and even join in on the competitions and chainsongs. Start creating music today with MadTracker for Windows!
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