by Manico

A productivity-focused utility software, which helps users launch applications and switch between them quickly

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Manico

Release : Manico 430

Antivirus check: passed

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Manico is a productivity-focused utility software that helps users to launch applications and switch between them quickly.


  • Instead of cycling through the running apps and then selecting the one you want, Manico makes it process very efficient by giving you the ability to use the “Option + Number Keys” to quickly launch or switch to any app. It saves times and improves the overall experience of OS.
  • Manico has optimized its tool to suit various user preferences. The Dock mode is a great feature that allows you to easily map the apps present on the dock for switching and launching. It is like creating an extension of your dock with extra speed.
  • There is a switch mode feature that allows you to map the apps that are currently opened to switch effortlessly. 
  • The custom mode allows you to make customization to launch as well as switch by setting up with unique shortcuts. 
  • Manico also has many features to make the tool truly customized for your usage. For example, you can modify the appearance, set up the position of the launch bar.
  • You can pick if you want to see the status bar and experiment with the Silent Mode to create a distraction-free environment for certain apps.
  • The best part is the usage feature. It gives you the ability to see the number of times you have opened an application. This comes with a detailed graph to help you understand where you are spending maximum time.

Manico is a useful macOS utility for switching and launching applications with more speed. It gives you unique features like the dock mode, silent mode, switch mode, and graphical analysis of app usage. If you want minimal utility to replace the default OS app switch and launch feature, Manico is a great pick.

The custom mode allows you to make customization to launch as well as switch by setting up with unique shortcuts.
Requires OS X operating system
Requires keyboard functionality for shortcut use
Sufficient storage for software installation
Ideally suited for users comfortable with keyboard operations

Quickly launches or switches to desired apps with key combinations.
Allows customization of applications and shortcuts for faster access.
Increases productivity by maximizing efficiency of keyboard usage.

Lacks advanced application management features.
Limited compatibility, designed solely for OS X.
Customization options could be more extensive.