A small menu launcher designed for all portable devices
A productivity-focused utility software, which helps users launch applications and switch between them quickly
WinGhci is a Windows-based implementation of the GHCi Haskell REPL, allowing users to easily write, compile, and debug Haskell code.
Delay Launcher
Delay Launcher allows users to schedule applications to open at a specific time.
Dash Command
Dash Command is a customizable real-time performance monitoring and diagnostic tool for your vehicle, available for iOS and Android.
WinAutomation is a powerful Windows automation platform allowing users to create automated tasks to automate manual processes, saving time and increasing productivity.
APC PowerChute Business Edition
PowerChute Business Edition is an enterprise-level power management software that allows IT administrators to monitor, manage and protect IT equipment in physical and virtual environments.
Mouse Extender
Mouse Extender is a utility that helps you customize the functionality of your computer mouse.
PowerChute Personal Edition
PowerChute Personal Edition is a UPS monitoring and management software that provides safe system shutdown and power management for home and small businesses.
PC Sleeper
: PC Sleeper is a free Windows program that allows users to control the power settings of their computer to save energy and reduce electricity costs.
Sleep Timer
Sleep Timer is a software application that allows users to set a timer to turn off their computer after a specified amount of time.
Typebox is a cloud-based software solution that helps businesses create and manage digital documents, forms, signatures, and documents with a secure and intuitive user interface.
Universal Silent Switch Finder
Universal Silent Switch Finder is a Windows tool designed to help users find and identify silent install switches for various software programs.
FastKeys is an automation tool that helps automate tasks and save time by creating custom shortcuts, hotkeys, text and voice macros, and more.
STimer is a free and open-source utility for creating and managing time-limited tasks.
Portable ASuite
ASuite is a portable software launcher and manager that allows you to organize and launch your applications from a single interface.
Acer LaunchManager
Acer LaunchManager is a utility app that allows users to customize keyboard shortcuts, launch programs, and manage hotkeys for their Acer laptop.
TcNo Account Switcher
TcNo Account Switcher is a software that enables users to quickly and easily switch between multiple accounts on the same computer.
AppLoader is an automated application testing tool that enables users to quickly and accurately test their applications.
Blacktop is a tool that will allow you to turn off your monitor using just a single key.
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