Shut Down
A tool for automating computer tasks like turning off, restarting, and launching applications.
An utility for fast switching between multiple user sessions on a single PC.
Macro Express
Macro Express is a powerful automation program that allows users to create macros to automate repetitive tasks.
WinGhci is a Windows-based implementation of the GHCi Haskell REPL, allowing users to easily write, compile, and debug Haskell code.
Delay Launcher
Delay Launcher allows users to schedule applications to open at a specific time.
Dash Command
Dash Command is a customizable real-time performance monitoring and diagnostic tool for your vehicle, available for iOS and Android.
Run-Command is a Windows utility that provides quick access to command line tools, allowing users to quickly execute commands and scripts without using the command line.
WinAutomation is a powerful Windows automation platform allowing users to create automated tasks to automate manual processes, saving time and increasing productivity.
Quick Cliq
Quick Cliq is a user-friendly system tray launcher that allows you to quickly access your most used programs and files.
Keep Software Alive
Keep Software Alive is a platform that helps developers and businesses keep their software up-to-date and secure, ensuring that their products remain competitive and secure in the ever-changing digital landscape.
APC PowerChute Business Edition
PowerChute Business Edition is an enterprise-level power management software that allows IT administrators to monitor, manage and protect IT equipment in physical and virtual environments.
Mouse Extender
Mouse Extender is a utility that helps you customize the functionality of your computer mouse.
Druide Informatic's Antidote is a comprehensive suite of language tools providing users with spell-checking, grammar-checking, style-checking, and document-editing capabilities.
jPort is an open-source Java library for creating graphical user interfaces that are platform independent.
Winstep Nexus
Winstep Nexus is a customizable dock that gives users quick access to their most frequently used applications and files.
PowerChute Personal Edition
PowerChute Personal Edition is a UPS monitoring and management software that provides safe system shutdown and power management for home and small businesses.
Keep Running
Runkeeper is a free fitness tracking app that helps you reach your exercise goals by tracking your runs, walks, and other activities.
PC Sleeper
: PC Sleeper is a free Windows program that allows users to control the power settings of their computer to save energy and reduce electricity costs.
Sleep Timer
Sleep Timer is a software application that allows users to set a timer to turn off their computer after a specified amount of time.
Typebox is a cloud-based software solution that helps businesses create and manage digital documents, forms, signatures, and documents with a secure and intuitive user interface.
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