Mario Builder

A fun creative game for all types of game players

Operating system: Windows

Release: Mario Builder

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The Mario Builder is a game that allows you to play Super Mario and build your own levels. Not only can you create the levels and play on your own, but you can share the levels for other users to play with. The goal is always to rescue the princess. I enjoy it because it allows you to create as many levels as you would like and you are given many different textures to use to build your levels.

Sometimes I do not feel like building my own level and doing the work, so I can easily use someone else's level. It is nice to use someone else's level because then you go in not knowing what to expect. Sometimes with building your own level it is too easy as you know what will happen throughout.

One of the best things about this app is that I am able to just download it onto my computer wherever I am. The game is simple to play and easy to understand.

It allows you to create your own levels.

The game text is all 2 dimensional and resembles an older Mario game. In the game there are a lot of parameters you can adjust to create your level. You are able to adjust the color, landscape, enemies, background, and more in able to design your own level. This game is something fun that you can play with your friends and challenge your friends as well to see who can make the better level or go through a certain level quicker.

The game is only supported in English and can only be downloaded on certain browsers. It does not appear that the game is supported on MacBooks or Chromebooks.

Overall, this game allows you to create your own levels and play as Mario throughout your own designed course. There is a large library of courses to explore if you do not feel like using your own. 

It's like the Switch version but better in my opinion. This one is straight to the point and much smoother gameplay. And it beats the price anyday.
Mario builder lets me build new worlds in Mario and try them out. It is a blast to play and really gives me that retro feel that I enjoy. You do not need to follow any instructions as it is self explanatory and easy to follow.
This product is exactly how it sounds, build your own Mario bros inspired 2d platform game. This programme is actually so addictive I find myself spend far more time building my own games then i do actually playing them. If you love Mario bros this is one for you
Ethan Hammonds
Mario Builder is very similar to Super Mario Maker released by Nintendo, but in my opinion is way better since it's way easier to edit the levels on a PC with a mouse and keyboard. It also gives more options and really lets you get onto a whole new level of game design!
This a quite simple game.If you have ever owned a computer then at some point you might have played Mario.It is composed of collecting points or coins and if you encounter an enemy you loose a life.It has multiple levels.I have never completed it.It is god for thought engagement in a fun way.I am currently installing it again!Join me and lets bounce.
Mario Builder for Windows is a great software download for creative gamers who want to create their own levels and share with friends. It's creative and makes each game original.