Fractal Mapper

by NBOS Software

An integrated mapping system to help gamers create a wide variety of maps

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: NBOS Software

Release: Fractal Mapper 8.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This product is the most adaptible to any gamers mind. The gamer is in control and can create anything into their game. Dungeons, cities, adaptable and more with Fractal Mapper there is no limit. The interface is easy even for a beginner but can also meet the expectations of a master game creater. With the integrated Add-On extension called Fractal Mapper Explorer the creator can create 3D shaded relief maps, this extension also allows you to edit the temperature and weather of your map. Along with the free add-on, Fractal Mapper also has over 600 full color mapping symbols that you can place on your map. To use this system with Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, also Windows Vista or Windows XP so that you have the ability to create across all your computers. It has also been reported that Fractal Mapper also runs under WINE in Linux but WINE is not a officially supported platform.


  • easy to use interface
  • works with Windows 7 or newer
  • free add-on included
  • create realistic drawings and print on mulitiple pages

In conclusion on researching Fractal Mapper 8.0, this is a great program with the included Add-on extension called Fractal Mapper Explorer. The ability to build with square or hex grids with or without grid numbering. Creators have the ability to print maps using .jpeg, Windows bitmap, .png or .emf; either printing your entire map or just a portion, write and draw directly on the map and save it within the system. With the ability to use this platform on almost any of your Windows systems this is accessible to almost anyone. It will take your map creating abilities to the ultimate next level. Overall, i believe that all gamers will be able to accomplish their desired product with this system- from novice gamers to master creators. 

Variety of creations
Billy Dean
Im just getting into game design and this program is great. It helps me make maps easily and quick. I am able to put a tonne more detail into my work than before. Highly recommend if you need a mapping tool.
Fractal Mapper is the dream software product for gamers who would love constructing their own maps. For those looking to create their own elegant maps of cities, dungeons, and even whole continents, this mapping tool is ideal. Take your gaming experience to the next level with this mapping tool that is so easy to use that you can get started right away. And to top it off, it's free.
Jude Wellington
Fractal mapper is a powerful mapping system. It allows users to create different maps and environments for gaming. It supports dungeon, continent, city creation and more. It utilizes a powerful graphics engine designed for fantasy map creation. Fractal Mapper includes over 600 colored mapping symbols that users can place on their maps. The library is customizable so users can add their own symbols.
Fantasy map making software for gamers and authors!
A great tool for game programming. Allows you to create all kinds of terrain maps. Easily change the features of your map and customize every bit. You can make continents, cities or dungeons, in beautiful 3d detail. The fractal system allows you to make wonderful coastlines mountain ranges and other features in realistic details. Also allows you to work on climate overlaid on the map. Allows you to put hex, square or other types of grids on other types of maps. Easily export your map to the .PNG file format. This is a great tool.
This product is great for gamers because it lets gamers create their own maps. They can create their own entire world and cities using this software. This software will have gamers on it for hours creating all types of things in their game. This is a good software to use for developing video games.
Fractal Mapper is AMAZING. Honestly, I use this all the time when i'm creating little maps for RP worlds or even when i'm playing D&D with my friends. It basically lets you generate a map quickly and easily in no time at all. I love that you can add little features and labels to the maps, and overall i'd have to say that it's pretty affordable. Great tool!
If you are anything like me and not very technology savvy and have several gamer kids - fractal mapper 8 is definitely a necessary purchase if you want to be able to learn and understand what it is that your kids enjoy most. This product allows a user-friendly ability to create all the fun stuff you see those teenagers and youngsters do daily. Learn how to build and create everything from gardens, cities, dungeons, and other imaginative things yourself. I recommend checking this product out yourself. For the product abilities, the price is definitely worth the expense in your pocket.
lately any software or app that aids mapping its automatically a great one. so i will give it a thumbs up and a lot of times it has helped me map out areas that i find difficult to navigate
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