by RandomControl

A lightweight, fast photo viewer for Windows with comprehensive image operation capabilities.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: RandomControl

Release : Maverick 1.5.1

Antivirus check: passed

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Maverick Software is a powerful and efficient software solution that caters to the management and integration of image files within the Windows operating system. The main attraction of Maverick lies in its ability to replace the default Windows Photo Viewer effortlessly, and deliver an enhanced user experience by integrating itself with the Windows Shell. It is a versatile tool that provides an expansive range of features and functionalities, making the task of image viewing and manipulation a breeze.

The user-friendly interface of the software ensures a seamless browsing experience for picture files. Beyond merely viewing, Maverick software extends its functionality to converting images into different formats. It supports a wide range of 36 formats, offering users a wide array of options for their specific requirements. Basic image operations such as rotation, brightness, gamma, and contrast adjustments are easily manageable with Maverick. Besides, the grayscale, resize and other extensive features enhance the software's usability and efficiency.

  • Quick and Easy Image Conversion: Maverick software supports 36 different image formats, allowing for effortless conversion.
  • Image Modification Tools: The software offers essential features such as rotation, brightness, gamma, and contrast adjustments, as well as the ability to turn images into grayscale or resize them as per user need.
  • Efficient Navigation: Leveraging the same default keyboard shortcuts as the established ACD See ones, Maverick ensures an intuitive and user-friendly navigation experience.
  • EXIF/meta data Display: Maverick can showcase EXIF data and other metadata related to images, further enriching the viewing experience.

Maverick Software stands out with its ability to make any image your wallpaper with just a single keystroke or click. This feature is a testament to the user-centric design of the software. Furthermore, it allows users to create a favicon from any given picture, adding another dimension to its extensive feature set. All these attributes are bundled in a lightweight package, ensuring that Maverick software remains fast and efficient in its operation, without causing any system slowdowns or lags.

One significant benefit of using Maverick Software is its powerful image management and manipulation abilities, offering user-friendly navigation and customization options across 36 formats.
Windows operating system required
Support for 36 image formats
Features include EXIF/meta data display
Efficient navigation using keyboard shortcuts
Ability for image rotation, brightness, gamma, contrast adjustments

Efficient navigation using standard keyboard shortcuts.
Supports conversion among 36 image formats.
Offers quick and easy image modification tools.

Lacks advanced image editing features like filters and layers.
May become slow while handling high-resolution images.
Limited support and updates from the developer.
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