by Hải Nguyễn

Keyboard sound converter to any audio of your choice

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Hải Nguyễn

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Mechvibes is an application that allows you to change the sound of the keyboard of your mobile device, whether it is a cell phone or tablet, of any operating system in the sound of your choice, this app contains a library of sounds never heard before with a wide range of tones that you can customize on your device, it also has room to chat with other users online and share sounds and concerns that may arise, it is a fairly friendly application, within the sounds you can find many that will catch your attention, from sounds of nature such as vehicles, artifacts, objects, animals, machinery, vehicles, airplanes, among others.

This application also allows you to build unique sounds which you can record with your device and upload them to the app and other users can enjoy them.

We invite you to download this application you will not regret it, you will navigate through a range of very interesting sounds that you will be surprised to discover unimaginable tones from all over the world from the most remote places in the universe and beyond, as well as enjoy creations and inventions of people very intelligent that with any object or article they discover unique and very pleasant sounds to the human ear that will delight you with their tones.

Within the application, the sound folders are classified in alphabetical order and by type of sounds from the most common to the most exotic that you may have heard before, for the search of the tones it contains a search space where with a keyword that you place shows you everything related

the largest variety of preloaded sounds

  • Feature-1
  • ease in searching for sounds
  • Feature-2
  • download speed
  • Feature-3
  • fast loading of sounds created by users
  • Feature-4
  • easy installation of the app
  • Feature-5
  • compatibility with all android and IOS devices
I love this, really nice to type along with the sound of an old-fashioned typewriter also loads of other soundtracks to choose from, so there is always something new and interesting to find - really recommend if you want to improve your typing experience and impress your friends ;)
Alfie D*******h
Mechvibes is a vibration analysis software designed to help engineers, maintenance personnel, and operators analyze industrial machinery and monitor equipment condition. It allows users to identify potential problems, such as misalignments, loose bolts, and bearing defects, by using its powerful features, such as time-based and frequency-based analysis, spectrum analysis, and waveform visualization. The software also provides reports and diagnostic tools to help users evaluate the condition of their machinery and make informed decisions.
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