Power Defragmenter

A system software for de-fragging operating systems and harddrives.

Operating system: Windows

Release: Power Defragmenter 3.1

Last revision: Last week

Star Rating 4.4671

Power Defragment is a file management software that allows consumers to clear their desktop computers more easily with defragmentation, which usually refreshes a computer's hard drive of old files and makes space for new ones. If you're low on storage and don't want to go out an buy an external hard drive, Power Defragment helps you clear out your Windows operating system in a low amount of time, which is usually 20 minutes to a 1 hour averaged.

With an attractive spot in the long list of defragging software as a "free-forever" option, it touts the same quality and features as most defragger software that is commonly paid for of up to $250 and above per license.

This software product is one of many options that allow automatic and completely over-the-head strategies for clearing out your desktop's old files, helping to free up any space you may or may not need. 

Allows for de-fragmentation on desktops, usb drives and SSDs.


  • Easy-on-the-eyes UI interface and addressing for external URLs
  • Compatibility with Windows Vista, especially for PowerMode
  • The triple-pass mode which allows triple defragmentation
  • Contig-control for defragmenting removable drives 

Power Defragmenter is unique also because unlike other industry alternatives, this software allows you to either defrag your entire hard drive or individuals files, collectively. It has il8n localization for usage in all countries and disables restarting while the program is running to minimize the risk of losing a user's files. It also has the ability to save settings for when a user decides to come and defrag after some time has passed.

Truly, Power Defragmenter is the premier option when it comes to clearing space on your PC and getting rid of old files, but don't forget to have a backup external drive handy just in case you want to keep some of your old files before Power Defragmenter wipes them clean off of your hard-drive!

- offered in a free version, available at reputable sources like Softpedia and Techspot.

Hadley Bushonville (unverified)
Power Defragmenter is perfect for your cluttered desktop. If you are like me, you save everything to your desktop until you cant find a single thing. Power Defragmenter only takes 20 minutes to an hour to clean up your files. You won't have to pay for new storage, and you can feel at ease knowing all your files are protected. Its free, automatic and a perfect solution
Jamie (unverified)
This is a free software, that helps create room on you computer, but defragmenting it. It does it pretty quickly, 20-60 minutes. It's very user friendly and compatible with Windows and Vista. You can use it on your whole computer or just certain files. It's a very useful software for people who have a cluttered computer.
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