MKV to AVI Converter

by DigitByte Studio

Allow for conversion to AVI for windows

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: DigitByte Studio

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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The general passion for modern portable multimedia gadgets increases the demand for converter programs that can be used to convert the format of existing video into another format that can be recognized by a particular device. As practice shows, the most common format users want to convert MKV format, which is not clear for some technique, into the most "popular" one - AVI. This feature is provided by the MKV to AVI Converter program from the developer Digitbyte Studio. However, you should not judge the capabilities of the application by its name. The peculiarity of the program is the support of the majority of popular video formats, in addition to those two, which so eloquently declares the name of the application. For example, MKV to AVI Converter recognizes video extensions such as WMV, MPG, ASF.

The interface of the program has two main objectives: to provide maximum convenience and maximum functionality. Converting a file is easier than ever - just select the original video, set the necessary parameters and start the conversion process. The preview function will help you to make sure that you have selected the desired file. The only disadvantage of MKV to AVI Converter is probably the need to download additional codecs. Although this problem is quite solvable - additional software is available for download on the pages of the official site. If the application cannot recognize the file format, it will automatically stop working in emergency mode.

The program consumes a small amount of system resources and has a help file, which is very nice. You can find the answer to any question you may have in the application itself, without having to search the Internet for information. MKV to AVI Converter can be used as a video editor. Thanks to the built-in features of the program, the user can change the frame rate, picture resolution and other video parameters. In fact, the application helps to customize the video file to the tastes and tasks of each individual user. MKV to AVI Converter allows you to work not with the whole file, but only with its part. The convenient slider will help you to choose the one you need for editing the video segment. If you do not specify the desired resolution in the settings when you start converting, the program does it automatically for you, choosing the default mode. The possibilities of the application are so wide that it can be used even as a regular player.

- combines the capabilities of several programs;

- supports almost all popular video formats;

- provides fast conversion;

- allows you to set up the conversion in a way that is convenient for the user;

- has a multi-lingual interface;

- helps to improve the quality of audio and video during conversion;

- allows you to compress the file by reducing the bitrate;

- can be used as a regular video player;

- The user can download additional codecs to extend the functionality of the program.

A simple tool to convert your MKV video file to AVI. Easy to use, can also recognize other video file types such as WMV, MPG, and ASF. Sometimes you may need to download addtional codecs to convert different vidoe files, but those are easily accessible on their official site.
ConverterLite is a video and audio batch converter software. It has several different formats. I like that it's free. It's very convenient that it converts MP3 files to different formats. I also like how I can use the software to burn CDs and DVDs. It appears to have very good reviews which makes me more confident in trying it out.
Face it...this is the age of technology. This converter program makes it easy to convert the format of existing video to another format that can be recognized by different devices. It supports most popular video formats and provides ultra-fast conversion. It can also be used as a regular video player. The fact is that it's simple and convenient to use.
super great! it is a completely free application, that converts matroska video files to AVI or MPEG format. it allows audio tracks to go onto one file which makes it super simple and easy that everything is all in one place. the down fall is that alot of programs to not support this format. overall - very functional and highly recommend!
If you're trying to transform a video file of yours from the MKV extension into the AVI extension, then you should check out MKV to AVI Converter for Windows. This program makes it so easy to accomplish that task and best of all, you don't really need prior experience in file transformation to be able to get the job done smoothly.
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