Movavi Photo Batch

by Movavi

Photo editing software

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Movavi

Release: Movavi Photo Batch 1.0.3

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Movavi Photo Batch for Windows is the state of the art software product in terms of editing photos in the Windows computer arena. 

The user interface is very simple to learn.  Anyone from beginners to advancer users can utilize this software.  The design interface and variety of functions make it top-notch.

The features are able to edit photos in terms of converting, renaming, rotating, adjusting, and resizing.  Images can be edited one at a time or numerous images at a time.  This is a unique feature.

In terms of resizing, Movavi Photo Batch can enlarge and reduce photos.  It can set these photos to a custom size.  It can fit the picture into a specific frame.  Furthermore, the enlargement and reduction process can occur by exact percentages.  This makes the resizing process very accurate.

Secondly, the adjusting process can edit a photo in terms of contrast, brightness, optimal white balance. This is a sought after feature that will truly enhance a photo or numerous images.

Besides, photos can be rotating or even flipped.  Vertical can be rotated into horizontal and vice versa.  Any orientation can be adjusted with Movavi.

Any of these adjustments can be previewed in the preview section before making the final edit.  This is necessary to save time and make the process more efficient.

Additionally, the user can convert the format of the images to reduce image size.  During this process, the image quality will decrease and convert into JPEC or PNG from TIFF or BMP.

The user is further able to rename any file.

A real life-saving feature is that Movavi Photo Batch for Windows can save disk space by converting the image.  It will resize numerous photos at a time to save space.  This is crucial because all computers have limited space.

There are a variety of input formats that Movavi Photo Batch for Windows accepts from BMP, DPX, EXR, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, and XWD as well as numerous others.  The output formats that Movavi Photo Batch for Windows can produce include PGM, PNG, PPM, TGA, TIFF, XBM, BMP, DPX, JPEG.

To summarize, Movavi Photo Batch for Windows is top-notch computer software that will help the user to edit image files in terms of resizing, convert, rotate, adjust, and rename.

Provides user friendly interface for image editing in Windows computer arena

  • Windows compatible
  • Resize
  • Adjust
  • Rotate
  • Convert
  • Saves space
  • Rename
I take lots of photos. One downside to this is that the images took up a TON of space on my computer. It all happened so fast, but my disk space was quickly almost full. So I had a choice: Would I delete some of my beloved photos? Not if I could help it! Movavi Photo Batch for Windows saved my hide. Instead of having to delete images to make space, Movavi was able to resize them all - in bulk rather than one at a time - and made them all smaller, and all WITHOUT any discernable loss in image quality. The photos looked just as awesome as they did before, but they were much smaller. I saved so much space on my computer, and now I can fill that space with even more photos! I highly recommend Movavi Photo Batch. It's amazing.
With Movavi Photo Batch, you may resize numerous photographs at once. Changing the size of an image is as simple as entering a percentage as a goal. If you want to fit your photographs into a certain frame size or resolution, you may do that as well. To rename many photos at once, use this. One of the most popular versions is 1.0. Antivirus software has found no viruses in this file. Multimedia Tools is the subject matter of the application. The most recent setup package is 54.8 MB in size. In order to use this software, you must have 32-bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10. PhotoBatch.exe is the typical name for the program's setup executable.
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