Movavi Photo Focus

by Movavi

A picture blur tool which also has other image editing tools

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Movavi

Release: Movavi Photo Focus 1.1.0

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This free Windows software program acts as the perfect program for blurring certain elements of any photo or image files. It allows the user to basically modify and change the way that their photo or images look after editing. You are able to utilize photos from any source, be it from your phone gallery, camera roll, device drive, downloads, screenshots, etc. and you are able to edit them to modify the visibility of different aspects. By blurring certain elements such as photo edges, you can enhance other aspects such as the focus on the subject of the photo, and you can focus the faces in photos to make them appear brighter and more clear. You can also transform landscape portraits into other dioramas with surrounding settings that are different than they were initially. In this manner, it makes this software very unique in its ability to transform any image. The blurring feature is a gold feature and is key to serving the needs of photographers at any level, be it beginners or other advanced photographers. Also, it allows the user to utilize the integrated Focus Brush with allows the users to mark objects which he or she would like to keep visible and in clear focus while you brush and blur all else in order to change the whole design of the image. With these features, a user is essentially able to fully manage different aspects of a photo, such as brightness, colors, parameters, and other aspects such as changing contrast and saturation. I would recommend this to anyone working with photo files as a multi-functional utility.

Blur images to bring out the other elements of the image

  • Alter image quality by blurring certain aspects
  • Bring focus to other aspects such as faces and objects.
  • Change features of images
  • Work with images from any source.
  • Transform landscape portraits
If you're looking for a free software program that has the ability to blot out any part of a photo or image, then check out Movavi Photo Focus. You can use Movavi Photo Focus to edit your photos no matter the source, even if that source is a screenshot or a download rather than your camera roll. You can even use this tool to enhance the focus on other parts of your photos.
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