An alternative to mainstream video editing software

Operating system: Windows

Release: Movica 0.6.6

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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Movica is a free to use video editing software making it easy for users of the software to edit movies and video clips of many different types on one program. It allows you to edit multiple types of video file types on one easy to use software, such as (Windows media, FLV movies, and MPEG files). This is good because you are able to edit many file types in one software on your computer. You are also able to edit multiple parts of the video file at the same time by selecting them in the software. Movica also allows for the users of the software to join together or split up video files with this program, for easy editing of multiple video files.

Movica requires users to have Windows on the computer that they plan on using the software on, as well as having this version of the framework, .Net Framework 2.0.


Able to cut multiple parts of a video at the same time and even use multiple video types on one program.
  • Cut/Split and Merge multiple video files on this one software.
  • Able to easily copy your files and paste them into other areas, as well as fine tune each section of your work.
  • Select and edit multiple parts of the video file at the same time, such as deleting or moving the selections.
  • Supports many types of video files, so you can easily edit any video from this software. No need for multiple softwares.

Movica is great for anyone who is in need of a video editing software. You only need this one software to edit all of your video file types easily. You can change any part of the video and even add in new parts with this easy to use video editing program. The best part about this software is that it is risk free because it is free to use and download on any Windows computer, so you can use it without worrying about wasting money.

  • Movica is free to use and download.
  • Requires Microsoft Windows Operating System and .Net Framework 2.0 on the computer for proper use of the software.
Catherine Blair
Movica is a video editing software. It can edit many formats of video, such as FLV, MOV, and MPEG. You can even edit different sections of the same video, all at once And you can cut, join,paste or add sections of video. The best thing is it's free because it is open source. But it only works on Windows. And you must install Net Framework for it to work. It's a great alternative to paying for software that may not fit your requirements or budget. Give it a try.
Might be useful if you are in a pinch and dont want to mess around with a free trial of a high quality software. One problem is that the interface does not have any way to organize and place clips together. It's all done with a bulky interface that requires you to type in the timing for clip splits and such. It's older school, but lacks the finesse of modern video editing programs.
Movica is an awesome tool to have in the back of your pocket if you want to edit videos on Windows. You can edit all kinds of video files, including formats like MPEG, FLV, and Windows Media. The tool lets you work on really large files with ease, and you can cut out parts of files you don't want, splice the file, or add two or more files together.
Jake Blunt
a winows program to delete small portions from a video and edit them
This software seems to crash more than work. I don't really see the purpose of this editing software. It does have some useful shortcuts to make working with it fast, but comes with too much hassle to make the time saving worth using it. There are still a lot of functions being updated and worked on, so hopefully the next update fixes these bugs. Could potentially be a very useful editing tool in the future.
Need an alternative option to Windows Movie Maker? If so, Movica is something that should be considered. Movica is a freeware software that allows the user to edit numerous video file types, while providing a simple, and basic user interface to help ease users into the process. Movica allows for multiple editing options and also features shortcuts to keep the editing and workflow smooth and seamless, allowing users to maximize their time and creative energy.
A great tool for editing different kinds of video clips. Other tools only work with .avi files but this works with almost any kind of video clip. You can join clips together, shorten your clips, or do various other kinds of edits. This is all done through an intuitive graphical user interface. The GUI allows you to finely tune clips so you get the point exactly where you want to make the edit. This tools is for Windows and works great on my system. Very pleased with this tool.
Movica is an easy to use movie editing software. Awesome features include many keyboard shortcuts, the acceptance of a variety of video formats, and capabilities like joining or splitting videos. Although some status messages are difficult to understand, reading carefully and checking online forums usually provides a solid workaround. Movica is compatible with most up-to-date devices and runs even smoother with software updates. It's simple and gets the job done!
Pretty great piece of video editing software. Movica basically allows you to select and delete parts of a video file. Comes with copy and paste functionality too, which has really saved me a lot of time. One of the coolest features is that you can split video AND audio files; something that's quite rare to find across other video editing software packages. Would highly recommend it.
Love this software! Quick and easy to use- got used to the functioning fairly quickly. I was able to edit my video however I wanted with this. Good if you prefer a graphical interface versus just the command line.
Good app.
This is a fun movie editor software to use and overall it is cool because it is all over the place in terms of being able to download it. I think this is an application that all users on windows should use and enjoy. I think that there is a lot of stuff going on with the apple MacBooks to the point where this can not even be downloaded. I would personally download this application because it seems very interesting and useful to have.
Take your video editing to the next level with Movavi. With special effects, keyframe animation, and an easy UI it's so easy to use. You can bring out your creative side when using movavi. The layers and tabs of are so easy to use and are right at your fingertips. Bring your creativity to life! Download for free for PC or MAC.
The software is used for video editing purposes, and it can be used for any video to cut and trim. The software also contains advanced editing, additional features, and effects. this software contains combine, split, crop, screen capturing, filtering and motion graphics. This software contains the exporting and sharing of videos and audio files to mobile devices. the software interface with the four different editing modes. the software is the professional purpose for video editing. the graphical editor for windows media, MPEG files and FLV movies.
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