Photo Stamp Remover

Remove watermarks and unwanted images from photos

Operating system: Windows

Release: Photo Stamp Remover 9.1

Antivirus check: passed

Last revision: Last week

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This Photo Stamp Removal tool by SoftOrbits is used for removing unwanted images from photos, it is one of a kind in that it can quickly process multiples and is user-friendly software.


  • Fully automatic
  • Allows for multiple images to be proccessed at the same time.
  • User friendly interface that allows you to begin using right away without a tutorial.
  • Uses an intelligent restoration technology which allows for a natural blending into the rest of the image.
  • Can also be used to restore old photos, remove artifacts and clean up imperfections on the skin and in images. 
  • It does all this leaving the photo looking natural as if it has always been that way.

Photo Stamp Remover is a smart removal tool software download for Windows that enables you to fix up images, remove date stamps, watermarks and other unwanted items from photos.  It can even be used to remove imperfections and tattoos from the skin. This top of the line technology quickly and efficiently allows you to process hundreds of images at the same time. 

It is easy to use and fully automatic, allowing you to process multiple images at the same time.

The Photo Stamp Remover is fully automatic and uses a intelligent restoration technology to smoothly blend in a restoration to a photo leaving it looking natural and flawless, as if the unwanted image was never even there. It works by filling the selected area with texture generated pixels around the selection, leaving a natural looking end result. It can not only fix images, but it also can also be used to restore old photographs.

If figuring out new technology is a problem,  the Photo Stamp Remover's user friendly interface is quick and easy to use, it doesnt even need a  tutorial.  Just download to the device and you are ready to begin fixing up images with this smart photo stamp remover software.

This one of a kind software is quick, effective and a valuable investment for anyone who needs to touch up, restore or remove unwanted images from photos. 

Xavier Long
Photo Stamp Remover is a great editing tool for those that take a lot of digital images. If you have annoying artifacts in your pictures, you can remove them easily. The program doesn't require a learning curve. After you install it, you will be able to put it to use immediately.
This application lets your clear the metadata associated with an image file. IT also lets you remove the watermarks on photos. Please note that removing a watermark and then publishing a photo as your own will open you up to legal liability. Do NOT remove watermarks from images that are not yours. If you do remove the watermark, you damn sure better not try to use it in a venture where you are making money. If you are trying to pass off someone elses photography or art as your own, I hope you DO get sued.
Archie Hoyt
I downloaded this after I returned from my Europe trip and anyone who has been to Europe knows landmarks are ALWAYS packed which means your dream photo is usually filled with photobombs and distracting things in the background. This makes it easy to just click and remove what you dont want without hours of photoshop!
Photo Stamp Remover is a software that lets users take away or remove unwanted or “photo bomb” objects from their pictures, with ease and simplicity. From SoftOrbits, Photo Stamp Remover puts the professional removal skills of a photographer into the hands of the normal user. The user interface is entry-level user friendly and allows for a wide breadth of skill levels to use it, potentially saving time for any kind of user who may need a quick fix for a photo shoot, or any other activity.
I have recently edited my photo in an application. But, it want to remove watermarks in the photo after editing. One of my friends suggested me to try Photo Stamp Remover for Windows. Now, I can able to remove watermarks from the photo with the little effort. I'm very much thankful for the team who have developed this application.
OK, it just works
This is a really effective watermark remover! I used it to remove a digital watermark from a stock photo I needed, and it looks great. It can also erase logos and dates. 10/10 would recommend.
Photo Stamp Remover is a photo correction software that gives you the ability to remove unwanted elements, such as date stamps and watermarks, in pictures. The interface of this app is simple. Users have two tools, to the right of the canvas, to remove elements from photos. The two tools are the clone stamp tool and the various selection tool, which contains the magic wand tool, brush tool, and rectangle tool. An image can be processed via manual or automatic processing, once an object has been chosen for removal. This app is aimed at those casual camera owners who want a simple interface and a few options to remove imperfections.
Finally, an application that actually does what it claims to do as well as easy to use. I tried multiple other apps in the past and they all claim to be able to remove something from a picture, yet either didn't work or weren't easily figured out. Highly recommend this application.
If you've ever needed to get your hands on a clean copy of a photograph (without any watermarks, logos, or dates) then you need to start using Photo Stamp Remover. This tool allows you to get rid of any kind of mark on a photo, regardless of whether that mark has been placed there manually or whether it was automatically there already. The tool also retains the edited photo's same color and texture so it looks just like the original copy!
Easy to use, quick install and very user friendly. Highly recommend this one. Can find discount code on the web.For $50 it is a steal, eBay recently changed their watermark rules on photos so I have had to erase watermarks from probably 35-40k pictures and you can imagine how much time that saved me. It IS of course still time consuming and I have still had to spend many hours to fix the pictures, but better than thousands of hours of work to fix.
Photo Stamp Remover is a two-tool photo editing app that specifically removes unwanted objects or items out of the image. I can see why this would appeal to a lot of people since it can be hard to showcase the perfect photo when there is an item that doesn't fit in there. The program has a simple user interface and creates a good polished photo. I would probably recommend this to others.
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