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I love this program, and it's super easy to use. The best thing about it, though, really, is that it's guilt-free. Before MP3Jam, I was using other sites for music or just listening to it off of youtube and ripping it off from the websites. I knew the artist was maybe not getting all of the proceeds and profits from me listening to them, which was a little bit upsetting to me. I always want to support artists, but I don't always have the means to do so. I mean with money, that is. Luckily, though, I finally found MP3Jam. It's 100% legal. At first, when I read this, I was kind of skeptical. I thought, "there's no way it's free and legal". But, I was proven wrong once I read into it just a little bit further. MP3Jam doesn't use torrent sites to post music. It takes it all from public domains and hosts from places like Youtube and other sites like it! Which, in turn, means you are not stealing anything from the artist, and you are able to listen to them with no guilt at all! Not only that, but it's got one of the biggest libraries. I listen to some pretty obscure songs that are never played on the radio, so I was a little bit worried that they wouldn't have some of the songs I love, but it had everything! I was super impressed. It's been one of the best programs I've downloaded.


  • 100% legal
  • Massive music library
  • User-friendly
  • No viruses or hidden fees

In conclusion, with MP3Jam, you can get your music for free and legally as well. Sometimes those two words don't always go together. However, with MP3Jam, you can rest assured that you're not doing anything illegal, and you can enjoy your music in peace.

I think this is one of the hidden gems out there at the moment in terms of finding places to get your music for free
Mp3jam does just work! It’s actually really awesome and who doesn’t love free?! It’s a smaller company and it’s based in the United States. Give them a try. You won’t regret it, I promise!
This is an ideal software program for those who love music. It allows users to search for free music downloads. It also weeds out contaminated files. I love this program and plan to use it on my kid's devices for them to listen . To music.
MP3jam is awesome if you love music! It has a wide array of choices to select from and also offers ways to discover new music. You can download full albums so you don't have to click through individual songs. They also use "smart search" so you can find your favorite artists and music faster. You can also download on-the-go, because the downloading rate is insanely fast.
The MP3jam is very unique software to save online music as a high-quality MP3for free and it is used to download unlimited music in this MP3 format very easily.
By using MP3jam for Windows, users can download and listen to their favorite artists for free. The install is completely free, too! Download all of your favorite music and skip the fee that other programs charge! Forget Apple Music and Spotify, MP3jam is the best choice for you! Don’t forget it!
This software makes downloading music such a breeze. An all in one mp3 music downloader and music player for the pc, a must for music enjoyer. I especially enjoy the fact it does not use torrents or p2p sharing as their source for files, but in fact uses their own library of legally obtained music files. It has something for all music enjoyers!
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