MPC Cleaner

by MPC (More Powerful Cleaner)

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: MPC (More Powerful Cleaner)

Last revision: Last week

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MPC Cleaner is one of the most popular programs nowadays that combines the functions of a cleaner and an antivirus. To creation of a graphic shell for it developers have approached with creativity. The MPC Cleaner start screen displays the current percentage of your computer's "health". Visually, this indicator is duplicated by the image of a paper airplane, which, according to the "health" indicator, can be either crumpled or straightened out and ready to fly. The "health" indicator is made up of "safety" and "speed" indicators. As it is easy to guess, the first one evaluates the presence of malicious files and suspicious processes, and the second one evaluates the presence of "trash" files and the potential for optimization in the system. By "garbage" MPC Cleaner means system and Internet cache, temporary files, incorrect registry keys, system traces files, as well as unnecessary "plugins" for browsers.

In addition to cleaning garbage files, the program also optimizes some system parameters, disables unnecessary services, produces tweaks, and optimizes the Internet connection. In general, the cleaner and optimizer functions can be handled with an "A-plus". Using MPC Cleaner as the primary antivirus is very reckless, at least because it does not protect the system in real time. Rather, it is a kind of scanner that will be useful from time to time to run in order to detect threats that have "missed" the main antivirus. But MPC Cleaner can also protect against web threats and prevent changes to web browser settings.

- combines a cleaner and a malicious file scanner;

- can optimize individual system parameters to achieve maximum performance;

- protects against certain web threats and prevents changes to browser settings;

- includes a tool to block advertising;

- is distributed completely free of charge.

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