by Jongbel Media Solutions Ltd.

MPEG TS Utils is a suite of tools for manipulating MPEG transport streams.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Jongbel Media Solutions Ltd.

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MPEG TS Utils is a suite of tools for working with MPEG transport streams (TS). It offers a comprehensive set of features for TS professionals, including analysis, playback, manipulation, and transcoding. The suite provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface that allows users to quickly and easily manipulate TS files.

MPEG TS Utils offers users an easy way to convert and analyze MPEG transport streams.


The suite provides detailed analysis of MPEG TS files. It can read and display the stream structure, calculate the bitrate, analyze the PCR/PTS values, and detect errors in the stream. It also offers a graphical display of the audio/video elementary streams, allowing users to quickly identify any problems.


MPEG TS Utils can play back TS files on Windows and Mac OS X systems. It supports multiple audio/video codecs and offers a variety of playback options, including full-screen playback and looping.


The suite offers powerful manipulation tools for TS files. It allows users to extract and re-mux elementary streams, edit PAT/PMT tables, cut and join files, and add and remove headers. It also supports batch processing and automatic repair of broken streams.


MPEG TS Utils can transcode TS files to a variety of video and audio formats, including H.264, MPEG-2, and AAC. It supports multiple audio and video bitrate settings, allowing users to easily create files in a variety of resolutions.

Other Features:

The suite also offers a range of other features, such as support for multiple languages, automatic error detection, and drag-and-drop file support. It also provides a comprehensive logging system to help users keep track of their work.
1. Operating System: The software should be able to run on both Windows and MacOS operating systems.

2. Memory: The software should require at least 2GB of RAM.

3. Processor: The software should require at least an Intel Core i5 processor or equivalent.

4. Storage: The software should require at least 1GB of available hard disk space.

5. Network: The software should be able to connect to a network to access MPEG TS files.

6. Video output: The software should be able to output MPEG TS files in a variety of formats such as MPEG-2, H.264, and H.265.

7. Audio output: The software should be able to output audio in formats such as AAC, MP3, and AC-3.

8. Editing tools: The software should include tools for editing and manipulating MPEG TS files, such as trimming, joining, and splitting.

9. Metadata support: The software should be able to read and write metadata for MPEG TS files.

10. Security: The software should include security features to protect user data.

Efficient tool for analyzing, debugging, and processing MPEG transport streams.
Extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate interface.
Supports wide range of codecs and formats.

Requires basic knowledge of MPEG transport stream structure.
Limited support and upgrades.
Interface could be more user-friendly.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner Robert V.
1. MPEG TS Utils is a software that helps to parse MPEG Transport Streams and analyze their content. 2. It is very useful for quickly finding the PIDs of a stream, as well as filtering out the audio and video information. 3. The GUI is intuitive and easy to use, with a few basic features that are enough for most tasks. 4. It has a wide range of options for exporting the data, including HTML and XML. 5. The program is lightweight and runs quickly on my laptop. 6. It allows for multiple streams to be opened at the same time and can easily be used to compare them. 7. The documentation is comprehensive, making it easy to learn how to use all the features. 8. The only downside is that it does not support some of the newer formats. 9. Overall, MPEG TS Utils is a great piece of software for anyone needing to analyze MPEG Transport Streams. 10. It's simple to use and highly effective for quickly parsing and understanding the data.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner Alfie A.
This software is great for anyone wanting to explore MPEG TS files, however it can be a bit slow and a bit unresponsive at times, which can be frsutrating.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner Jamie Yohe
This software is a collection of tools for working with MPEG transport stream files. It includes features such as analyzing, editing, and converting MPEG TS files, as well as demultiplexing and remultiplexing streams. It also supports various video and audio codecs and allows for the creation of new transport streams. Overall, it provides a comprehensive set of utilities for managing MPEG TS files.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner Jack
Efficient for analyzing transport streams, intuitive interface.
image/svg+xmlBotttsPablo Stanley Körner Fraser
Efficient, reliable video stream manipulation.
Deep analysis of MPEG streams
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