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The comprehensive monitoring software used to track the activities of a user

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Are you suspicious of your child’s activities and want to see what he is doing on his phone? Well, mSpy lets you monitor his mobile so you can see his messages, calls, browsing history, and social media chats. It’s a secure software that uses band-grade encryption so the data remains between the server and the client, and no third-party apps can access your child’s sensitive information. 

What’s best about the mSpy application is its geolocation feature. With this real-time location tracking, you can check the places visited by your child or the person you’re monitoring. You can also see his current location, when he left a place and whether he attended the school or not. The GPS tracking provides you with up-to-date information about every step of the targeted person so you can see his data and monitor every activity. 


mSpy offers dozens of features, including real-time monitoring of text, calls, and metadata so you can get minute-by-minute updates of a device.

  • It is a secure mobile tracking software that lets you view all chats, messages, incoming and outgoing calls, and deleted messages as well. 
  • You can receive real-time updates directly in your email and see if something suspicious is happening on your child’s device. It also records sender information and images so you can easily figure out unusual chats. 
  • It allows you to see the metadata, including the pictures and videos they share with friends, communities, or other people. 
  • The geolocation will help you track the device in real-time so you can detect where they are and where they’re going next. 
  • It also offers social media monitoring so you can track their activity on WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tinder, or Line. 
  • The app management feature helps you check which apps they use, and you can even block or disapprove suspicious applications from their device. 

Besides app management and location tracking, mSpy also provides insights into the person’s email and calendar. To detect new updates or track messages, it has a keylogger feature that takes screenshots every time a new text or call is received. So, you can install mSpy on any device and access everything with a single tap.

Compatible with Android and iOS devices
Requires internet connection for GPS tracking and data upload
Needs sufficient storage for call recording and photo/video logs
System access for installation and spyware activation (e.g. jailbreak/root access)

Allows real-time GPS tracking of monitored device.
Effectively logs calls, messages, and browsing history.
Can record and store phone conversations.

Requires physical access to the target device.
High cost for premium features.
Potential breach of privacy issues.