by Patcher

A nice portable network auditing program, being light, effective, and free of charge

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: Patcher

Release : Waircut 2

Antivirus check: passed

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Waircut serves its users the basic functionality of average scanning software to help you protect wireless networking connections, while also being easily portable (and having low size), fast, and checking for all of the protocols, and brute-force breaching techniques that might be used for malicious purposes, pixie-dust attacks, pins, and some other things worthy of being scanned. Now to be exact this would probably be most of the good stuff this software has, but there are some other smaller things!

The program itself is packed with some neat features that enhance the security level of said network, allowing for safer work to be done in whatever place you are planning to use it in. The solution, however, requires a Jumpstart instance to be installed for the application to work properly, but that's no big deal. The aforementioned WPS wireless pin generation algorithm, actually a few of those - so LiveBox, FTE, ZAO, and some other ones. The database of these is also easily upgradable due to the editing options and open code provided on the developer's page, so if you need it - go for it! Lastly, there are 4 languages available, which isn't a lot, but still is a great addition if you are planning on using it in a foreign sphere.


  • Fast protocol scanning, with the WPS protocol enabled
  • Pins recognition and generation with various algorithms 
  • Pixie-dust protection
  • 4 different languages, English, French, Russian, and Spanish
  • Open-source code
  • Lightweight and effortlessly portable
  • Simple but effective design
  • Built-in pin editor

Well, there are probably some smaller things left out but generally, we hope you got the picture. In short, Waircut is great in the form of a first-layer wireless Wi-FI/network protection instrument, not taking up either too much space or obligations for something outside of his main occupation. And that's good if you take into account that it does the scanning and protection part rather well, so what it is it could certainly be named a good WPS wireless scanning tool.

Waircut possesses a great number of features and tweaking options with which you can precisely scan your network, Wi-Fi and wireless ones to be exact
- Operating system: Windows (all versions)
- Must have Wi-Fi connectivity
- Sufficient storage for software installation

Excellent for detecting Wi-Fi network vulnerabilities.
Provides comprehensive details of wireless networks.
Intuitive, user-friendly interface.

Limited to Windows systems, not compatible with other OS.
May present complexities for absolute beginners in network security.
Lacks comprehensive user support and troubleshooting guides.
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