Port Listener

by RJL Software

It's a free tool used for establishing, testing, and verifying network connectivity via TCP ports.

Operating system: Windows

Publisher: RJL Software

Release : Port Listener 1.0.1

Antivirus check: passed

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The "Port Listener" software is an essential tool for checking connectivity when you are testing or configuring network components. It's a software application that allows you to open a specific port on a system and listen for incoming connections from that port. It plays a crucial role in solving network issues, providing valuable information about the status of the network ports and helping to identify any potential issues related to ports.

In addition, the "Port Listener" software can also be used to test connectivity to other machines on the network. It can be set up to send a signal to a specific port on another machine, and if a response is received, it means that the machine is reachable and the port is open.

  • Create a simple local TCP listener on any port.
  • Connect to any TCP listener remotely or locally.
  • Send back-and-forth messages.
  • Establish a network and test the connection.
  • The program is free.

Most online port testers fail no matter what if nothing accepts their connection attempt. This port testing program will open the port on the system it operates on and listen for a connection from that site. Therefore, when the port testing program says the ports are open, you can rely on them to be open :-)

One main benefit of using the "Port Listener" software is its ability to simplify and streamline network troubleshooting.

The port testing program is designed to test connections to the machine on which the program runs, as it opens the port on that system and listens for a connection. In essence, the "Port Listener" tool is a complete solution for managing and diagnosing network connectivity, making the network troubleshooting process much simpler and more efficient.

Operating System: Windows 7 and above
CPU: 1GHz or faster
RAM: Minimum 512MB
Network Interface Card installed

Facilitates efficient network troubleshooting and problem diagnosis.
Supports back-and-forth message sending for connectivity tests.
Free to use, reducing operational costs.

Can be difficult for non-technical users to understand.
Lacks advanced options for port configuration.
Doesn't support UDP protocol, only TCP.
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